Frequently Asked Questions

Music Xray is a platform where artists can submit their music directly to Industry Professionals. When you submit to an opportunity, your track goes directly to the decision makers: no middle-men, no pre-screeners, just a direct link between artist and Industry Professional. Interested in creating account? Continue reading below for instructions:
Sign up for an Industry Professional account here.
Sign up for an Artist account here.
Sign up for a Fan account here.
At Music Xray, we guarantee that your submission will be listened and attended within 45 days. We feel that this gives the Music Industry Professionals on our site enough time to consider submissions in relation to others they’ve received, while keeping artists in the loop. (note: this time limit does not apply to your Diagnostics ratings or Fan Match Campaign).

If the deadline has passed, and you have not been contacted by the Industry Professional or a member of Music Xray's support team, please send an email to support@musicxray.com. We will follow up directly to make sure it gets resolved, or you will receive your money back (both the transaction fee and submission fee)!
Please check out our success stories page here.

General Artist Information

On our home page, you will see a button that says, "I Am an Artist." Click on that button and follow the steps on the next page!
You can also sign up here.
Please visit this link for more information!
To invite your friends to join Music Xray, first make sure you are in your artist dashboard. You will see a green button that says “invite other artists via email.” Select this button, which will take you to a pop-up window. Here, you can either enter email addresses manually, or import your musician friend contacts.
If you are using your affiliate id for posts to the Music Xray site to earn extra income you can now use our RSS feed to do the same. Just use this RSS feed that has the latest opportunities and include your affiliate id (i.e. - http://www.musicxray.com/artist/categories.rss?afid=) at the end of it.

You can also read a little bit more about our new RSS feed here.

Uploading and Managing your Music on Music Xray

When you’re logged into your account, go the the “dashboard” tab. From here, you will see three different buttons/links that allow you to import your tracks to your Music Xray account in various ways:

Upload Songs:This button lets you manually upload mp3 versions of your songs. When you click this grey button, you will be able to choose mp3 versions of your songs directly from your computer. You will only be able to upload one song at a time with this option.

Connect with SoundCloud: If you use SoundCloud, please click on the button provided. A pop-up will appear asking you to “Connect” with SoundCloud - allow this action. To change your SoundCloud settings, please go to the “account” tab and select “settings / preferences” from the dropdown menu. You will then see a “SoundCloud” tab, which provides you with three song importing options.
*If you require further assistance on integrating with SoundCloud, or have any questions about the partnership, please refer to this page.

Music Profiles: By clicking on this blue link within your dashboard, you will be taken to a new page that lists all of the possible music profiles from which you can import your tracks/songs. To do this correctly, please enter the exact profile URL in the text box(es) provided. After you insert your profile link, click the “import” box next to the link. Finally, scroll to the bottom and click the “save” button. To check the status of your requests, please click on the “import requests” link on the right-hand side of the screen. This will show you which requests are currently processing.

BandPage: To connect with BandPage, please go to the “account” tab and select “settings / preferences” from the dropdown menu. You will then see a “BandPage” tab. Here, you will be able to connect with your BandPage account by clicking on the “BandPage Connect” button provided.

*For more information on our partnership with BandPage, check out our blog post.
Your songs must be in mp3 format and under 20MB.
There is no limit to how many songs you can upload to Music Xray. In fact, we encourage you to upload your entire song catalog so you never miss an S2O opportunity (what’s this? S2O.
The best way to have all of your songs in your Music Xray account is to integrate it with SoundCloud by using the auto-import feature (please refer to “How do I upload songs to Music Xray”). Alternatively, you can directly upload songs in mp3 format to the site. If you’re using our network profile import feature, we have a maximum of 5 songs you are allowed to import per website.
In order to delete a song, make sure you’re in your dashboard. Then, select “manage track” next to the song you wish to delete. From here, click the “View / Edit Song” button. You’ll then see a red “Delete Song” button. Select this button and you will receive a message asking if you’re sure you wish to proceed. Once you have confirmed, the song will be permanently removed from your account.
When you delete a song that has been submitted to an opportunity in the past, the Industry Professional will no longer have a way to contact you. Furthermore, all previous submissions, related actions, conversations, information and data will be removed permanently from our system. This means if you have submitted to an opportunity and are waiting to hear back from an Industry Professional, please do not delete that song until you have received a complete response, unless you wish to remove it permanently from our system. We do not have a way to restore a song after it has been deleted, so please make sure when you delete a song that the right version, or track, is being deleted.
With Music Xray, there are no monthly or yearly membership fees. Here is the breakdown of the costs:

The first time you ever submit a song: you will pay a $5.00 transaction fee, the submission fee set by the Industry Professional, and an additional $10.00 just for the first submission of that song.
Why must you pay $10.00 for the first submission of a song?

This $10.00 charge is for a service called “Diagnostics” - a GPS-like tracking system for your song. Going forward, you will never have to pay this additional $10.00 for that specific song. However, each time you submit to an opportunity with a new song, the $10.00 charge will be required. We hope that you find the value within Diagnostics and will decide to use it for each and every song!

For each submission, you only pay a $5.00 transaction fee plus a submission fee set by the Industry Professional.
Transaction fees do differ from submission fees. Let us explain: for every single opportunity on Music Xray, there is a constant transaction fee of $5.00. Even if the opportunity is listed as free by an entity or professional, you will see a Music Xray submission fee for $5.00. The service fee is not charged by the entity accepting submissions; however, they can control whether or not it is charged. The $5.00 mandatory fee works as a circuit breaker and enables these professionals to continue to effectively handle unsolicited submissions.
Only verified and vetted industry professionals can post opportunities on the site. Our staff filters all postings to ensure they’re accurate and relevant. We never allow services to be sold or solicited on the site, so you can submit with confidence.
They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and genres. From Grammy-winning producers and prominent music supervisors, to sound engineers and career coaches, Music Xray provides you with a direct connection to the top tier of the industry.
You only pay when you decide to submit a song to an opportunity, and the prices for each submission vary depending on who the Industry Professional is and what they are offering. The submission fees on our website are affordable and will be listed on each Industry Professional's dropbox. Many times, they opt to charge a submission fee because they will either be unable to attend to the many submissions received within 45 days, or they want to ensure artists submitting are only sending their best material. This is also to deter people from submitting songs that are not their original compositions.
Music Industry Professionals set their fee based on how many submissions they can handle. Many of them send their fees off to various charities directly from Music Xray. They’re not allowed to use the fees as part of their business or to run contests. We do not tolerate any Industry Professional abusing these fees, and we appreciate hearing from you if there is suspicious activity. Please email us at support@musicxray.com to report any inappropriate behavior.

Read more about submission fees on our blog.
Watch the video about fees.
  1. Login and go here.
  2. Select an opportunity that interests you
  3. Choose a song from your Music Xray account, or upload a new one!