What is Music Xray and how can it help you?


Average number of songs or acts selected by the music industry for opportunities each month via Music Xray:
Data from May 2015


Over 15,000 fans acquired by Music Xray artists each month.
Using Music Xray's fan targeting / acquisition feature.
Data from April 2015

S 2 O

Song to Opportunity (S 2 O).

  • Free song matching to opportunities.
  • No upload limits.

Full SoundCloud integration.

  • Import / export your tracks.
  • Sign in with your SoundCloud username and password.


Number of industry professionals currently using Music Xray to find new songs & talent:
Data from May 2015


In 2014, artist / producer Ben Hawkins scored a music publishing deal with Eddie Sea's Music Of The Sea via Music Xray. In 2015 he scored a distribution deal with Gracie Productions.

Ben says that Music Xray has been a "game changer" for him and that he doesn't even waste time on other submission websites anymore.

WOS Radio Success

CBM Records recently signed Music Xray artists Luke Keating, Winter Circle, Allie Kay Band, and are in talks with two others. CEO/Founder Kimberly James says, "I wanted to personally thank Music Xray for the very professional and talented bands we have had the opportunity to not only review, but sign to our label. We love having Music Xray as a source for talent as well as opportunities for the label and it’s artists."

We Are The Catalysts'-Success

One Night Stand Music and Management came in to contact with the rock band 'We Are The Catalyst' through a submission they made on Music Xray. The band had a lot of potential said co-owner of ONS Stuart Cheese but needed work to build a really solid foundation that you need to succeed in the music industry.

Maximizing Music Xray

Learn how to put your best foot forward on Music Xray.

Get the Amazon Bestseller, “Maximizing Music Xray” by Norman Dolph.

Interview with Mike McCready, co-founder & CEO of Music Xray, on The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase.

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