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Latest Success Stories and Artist Feedback

Joseph Alonso's songwriting career has taken off: Songs picked up for artist placements, TV, Film and more!
Music Xray user Joseph Alonso had a song signed for TV and Film with The Goo and another five songs were signed with Music of the Sea for TV, Film and Advertising placements. Even more exciting news for Mr. Alonso is that two of his songs have been picked up by JTV Digital in Paris for a new recording artist. They plan on releasing his songs as the first and second singles!

Mr. Alonso says, "Thanks to Music Xray my songwriting career has taken off in less than two years."

Joseph Alonso's Music - Click Here
JTV Digital - Click Here
Eddie Sea / Music of the Sea - Click Here

Music Xray Opens Doors for K. Pierce & Songwriting Team
"Music Xray has put our songwriting team in direct contact with many fab top music industry professionals. Our song "Waiting on a Maybe" was featured in Nashville on Renegade Radio's My American Music show. We've connected directly with Ric Wake (for Celine Dion), Paul Milner/A Major Sound, we are signing some work with Eddie Sea at Music of the Sea, Charlie Mac is interested in pitching some of our work, Alexander Johnston/CMI Music Group has some songs in consideration for a major film, Woman of Substance Radio selected one of our pop songs to air on their station and so much more...and it's all because of Music Xray. Thanks so much for connecting us to so many great industry folks and opening the doors for us...they just keep opening!"

~ K. Pierce / Lead lyricist & songwriter www.songwordgirl.com.

Check out all the opportunities from the MIP's K. Pierce is working with:

Nashville Renegade Radio - Click Here
Paul Milner / A Major Sound - Click Here
Eddie Sea / Music of the Sea - Click Here
Charlie Mac - Click Here
Alexander Johnston - Click Here
Woman of Substance Radio - Click Here

John Powers has placed over 40 songs!
The artist John Powers says: "Music Xray has been a great site for me to get my music out to the right people. I can't thank all the folks at Music Xray enough. [...]because of Music Xray I placed one of my blues songs with Expressive Artists to be shopped for release as a master with myself as the artist and also pitched as a master for films. I've also been fortunate to place a load of songs, actually 41 tunes as of today, with "Music of the Sea" and Eddie C. Eddie's got loads of stuff going on in TV, commercials, live shows, and more, and to be working with him is definitely a good place for me to be. Again, without Music Xray this would have never happened. Music Xray is a winner of an idea and my success is the proof. Yes, I wrote the songs, recorded 'em, pitched 'em and did that part, but you guys gave me the vehicle to get my songs in the hands of the right people.

Check out John Powers' music here.
Submit to Expressive Artists here.
Submit to Music of The Sea here.

Most recently added opportunities


Tracks needed for major artist / major ad campaign for sports licensing

Need fast paced cutting edge music fit for commercial advertising in sports. We have successfully landed a partial license with ESPN during the Final 4 and the first series NBA 2k and would like horn driven, or synth-rhythm jams. Hip-Hop or Rock. Please send your best!

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Need 5 original Blues, Blues-Rock songs for summer 2014 studio project

Blue Rose Music Co. is now seeking 5 original Blues & Blues Rock songs for a project to be cut in our studio June through August of 2014 by our "House Band." The material must be original with moderate to upbeat tempos, with the lyrics free of any negative messaging or dark themes. The songs should be dance, party, good time music portraying a happy fun attitude. We will not examine your song based on your choice of instrumentation and vocal ability; we listen for the beat, the progression movement, and the lyrics.

If your song is chosen for production, Blue Rose Music Co. will help acquire full copyright protection in your name, (if you have not already done so). Your submission need not be a radio quality master (we prefer it isn't), but the recording need be quality enough for us to discern if it is applicable to our project. Blue Rose Music Co. will want full publishing and marketing rights for a term of 3 years under a modified 50/50 deal. Our Artist/Publisher Agreement is song specific, we rarely do "blanket coverage" artist contracts. We do not do 360 degree deals. The master recording we produce will remain within our possession and applicable rights of reproduction indefinitely. We look forward to hearing your submission!

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Music Supervisor for HBO & Spike TV Looking for Original Songs for Network Productions and Programming

Music Supervisor looking for original songs or instrumental for some of networks hottest drama series for several networks. All Genres of music will be accepted Pop, Rock, R&B, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, Neo Soul, Country, Descriptive Background Compositions All submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers and finished product. All selected songs will be offered a non exclusive sync/licensing agreement.

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