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High Budget Movie - $5k per track PLUS Soundtrack Royalties

High Budget Movie - $5k per track PLUS Soundtrack Royalties

This is a massive opportunity to make a real mark with your music in a very big movie. $5k per track plus Soundtrack Royalties and of course movie credit. All genres considered including full songs, cues, partials and instrumentals. High budget action film, but with a love interest and urban and rural scenes, this movie will have a very diverse soundtrack indeed. Need music for chase scenes, suspense scenes, love scenes, a C and W bar scene, urban (hood) scenes, plus lots of action and general mood music too - really we need ALL your best tracks for this one!

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Our Commitment to musicians

In building Music Xray our intention has been, and it always will be, to solve marketplace problems for music.

No dream vultures. We will not permit users of our platform to peddle false hopes to artists.

We are incorporating numerous mechanisms to ensure transparency and to encourage user feedback.

We believe we are democratizing the ability to reach the people that can either teach you something, and/or potentially help you gain access to mass-exposure opportunities. We are leveling the playing field to help you acquire a genuine fan base.

If you find otherwise, contact us and we will fix the problem.