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Percentage of artists who join Music Xray but leave the site due to inability to compete for the industry’s top opportunities.
An unclogged pipeline enables the best songs & acts to break through the noise.
Data from April 2015


Industry professionals who report easily finding the music & talent needed for their projects or roster:
Survey conducted in May 2015

Dallas Martin

“I just wanted to be part of a company that takes this seriously.”

Dallas Martin, A&R Atlantic Records
Stuart Cheese

“Music Xray has transformed our business.”

Stuart Cheese, Head of A&R, One Night Stand Music

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Industry professionals who are very happy or happy with the service provided by Music Xray:
Survey conducted in May 2015

Zac Caltaldo?

“We’ve signed about a third of our artists through Music Xray.”

Zac Caltaldo, Music Publisher, Black Cloud Productions
Jeff James?

“I have found so much new music on Music Xray that I probably wouldn’t have even realized was out there. I’m really happy with the service. The talent level is blowing my mind.”

Jeff James, A&R Sony Music Entertainment

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Number of industry professionals currently using Music Xray
Crowd-sourcing the industry's ears and reflecting the data back to the industry.
Data from May 2015


Average number of songs or acts selected by the music industry for opportunities each month via Music Xray:
Data from May 2015

Nancy Peacock

“I love Music Xray. As the head of a company, I can’t afford to use a bunch of services that waste our time. We’ve signed quite a few songs and writers from Music Xray.”

Nancy Peacock, Washington Street Publishing
Charlie Mac

“Before Music Xray, my business was doing well. Thanks to Music Xray, it’s doing exceptionally well. About 75% of the artists I work with have come via Music Xray and they generate 75% of our revenue.”

Charlie Mac, Music Supervisor

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Music Xray's Four Stage Filter

Artist account
Free holding pool for all original music.
Songs are matched to potential opportunities and likely fans.
Songs can be found by professionals via search.
Immediately flags high potential songs/bands.
Separates the needles from the hay.
Gives fast feedback to artists.
Submission to opportunities
Can be simultaneous with Diagnostics.
Many deals done at this stage.
Guaranteed listen and response from the professionals.
Needlestack Music Search
Many deals done at this stage.
Most powerful music search engine in the industry.
Music Xray’s Four Stage Filter