What is Music Xray and what does it do for music industry A&Rs, music supervisors, radio program directors, publishers, managers, producers, & influential music podcasters & bloggers?

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Music Xray is changing the way thousands of Music Industry Professionals do business.

Join the over 1500 Industry Professionals currently using the worlds most comprehensive 21st Century A&R platform
and add some organization, efficiency, and powerful search tools to the A&R and Music Supervision process.

Step 1: Open a profile as an industry professional.

  • Profiles are free for verified Industry Professionals.

  • From Music Supervisors to Producers, A&R to Publishing, MusicXray allows you to accept artist submissions in an organized and controlled manner, while adding a powerful suite of search and communication tools to your daily routine. Source music for specific opportunities or just broaden your catalogue.

  • You can create an account and post specific opportunity for artists and musicians to browse and submit to. We utilize a moveable submission fee system that allows you to control the rate at which you receive submissions for each individual opportunity. We recommend you start low, and raise this fee if you find you are recieving submissions too quickly. Alternatively, you can set your submission fee to free if you would like to maximize the number of submissions for a short window opportunity.

  • Step 2: Open a dropbox and set up your opportunity.

  • Set up your opportunity to be both detailed and specific:

    For example: Seeking new hit songs for Black Eyed Peas...
    or Seeking indie pop bands for roster consideration.

  • You'll enter a title, a detailed description, and set a date that you'd like to stop receiving submissions for this opportunity. You may open as many drop boxes as you'd like.

  • Optionally, use a small submission fee to regulate the pace of submissions. MusicXray charges musicians a flat $4 transaction fee to make a one-song submisision to you. The fact that artists are required to pay just a few dollars insures the quality of submissions you receive is high. Pick a submission fee that works for your opportunity, and don't be afraid to experiment with it.

  • Step 3: Attend your dropbox as submissions come in.

  • By using Music Xray, you agree to listen and respond to every submissions. Don't worry. We make that easy to manage and we insure you don't get hounded, pursued or nagged. All communication between you and the artist can take place within our platform. From sending tracks back and forth, to forwarding a contract. You never need to give your personal email address to an artist to get business done.

  • Use your portion of the fee to offset the costs of screening music, pay your staff some overtime or you can request that we channel it off to various charities we make available on the site such as Musicares and Save The Children Fund.

  • Step 4: Select, hold, or reject each track.

  • We make screening large numbers of tracks super easy. Simply listen, and designate a tracks status in your dashboard.

  • We never take a cut of any deal and make managing communication with the submitter extremely easy. Ask for more music if you like what you hear, or cut straight to the chase and send over a contract all within the confines of the platform.

  • Step 5: Optionally, upload a few tracks that sound like what you're seeking.

  • This feature is especially useful for music supervisors and other professionals who have a clear idea about what they are seeking.

  • Our S2O matching software analyzes "seed songs" (songs that sound like what you're looking for) that you upload and alert every musician in our database that has similar sounding music. We then direct them to your drop box.

  • Step 6: Rate each track you receive and access the collective ratings of 1300 of your Industry peers.

  • We ask you to rate each track you recieve across 5 seperate criteria. Your individual ratings are not shown to the submitter; we only show them the average after 5 ratings.

  • We show you the tracks that are rated by other industry professionals, and allow you to search and sort through them.

  • You can easily locate tracks that are highly rated by many of your peers that are still available. Never before has anyone harnessed the collective filtering power of the music industry like MusicXray.

  • All this, and best of all, Music Xray is free

    See what all the buzz is about. Set up your profile & drop box and then simply request approval. You'll be up and running in no time.

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