SoundCloud Integration and Partnership with Music Xray

If you are a SoundCloud user and you do not have a Music Xray account, you can use your SoundCloud account to login to Music Xray by clicking here. We will use your SoundCloud credentials. it is seamless and works best if you are already logged into SoundCloud in the same web browser.

If you are a SoundCloud user who already has a Music Xray account, just log into your Music Xray account, click "settings" and then click on the SoundCloud tab and follow the instructions there to link your accounts. If you are a SoundCloud user who is completely new to Music Xray, let us tell you a little about Music Xray first:

Music Xray is a site where almost 1200 music industry professionals actively seek new songs and talent for thousands of real opportunities. These include major and indie labels, Hollywood music supervisors, radio stations, blogs, publishers, TV shows on major and cable networks, top producers and many more.

When you open a free Music Xray account and link it to your already-existing SoundCloud account, we have a piece of software that will analyze your music on SoundCloud and match it to opportunities here on Music Xray.

Then, you can decide whether or not to submit your music to those opportunities. If you do, we guarantee that your music will be heard by the professional(s) you submit to. You will receive confirmation that they have listened within a maximum of 45 days and you will receive feedback from them, regardless of whether or not your music is selected for the opportunity in question. Additionally, you can browse opportunities here on the site and submit to any that you think are appropriate for your music.

Music Xray has created a new way to reach your fans that identifies potential fans for free. Then we give you direct access to them with a guarantee they will listen. If they love what they hear, you get their email address. They can even tip you.

Music Xray has no membership fees, does not take a cut of any of your deals and you keep all your rights.

If you are a SoundCloud user who does not yet have a Music Xray account, you must first create one by clicking the "sign up" link in the upper left hand corner of this page. One of the first steps in the sign up process will enable you to link your SoundCloud account to your new Music Xray account.
Synch with SoundCloud

Connect through your SoundCloud account or through the Facebook account that you login to SoundCloud:
Sign into SoundCloud with Facebook

And once you are logged in just chose the tracks to sync with both accounts. You can adjust your settings at anytime:
Adjust SoundCloud Settings

And even make updates at anytime with just a couple of clicks of the mouse by selecting the import SoundCloud button:
Import SoundCloud Tracks

And select the songs that you want to bring into Music Xray:
Select SoundCloud Songs

And update them at any time right from your dashboard:
Update Sound Cloud and Music Xray Songs

And even swap out new versions on your SoundCloud account:
Swap Out New Songs