300 word review and 10 question interview in NeuFutur

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NeuFutur Magazine is an online and print magazine that has been active since 1998. We have a website - http://www.neufutur.com - and we are looking for musicians, film makers, and other media professionals to contact with.

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300 word review and 10 question interview in NeuFutur
NeuFutur Magazine has reviewed over 6,500 albums since we began in 1998. If you submit to this Dropbox, we guarantee 300+ words on your recording, EP, LP, or any other musical submission that is sent and conduct a 10 question interview via email.

We have covered a wide array of genres from Christian to punk, from black metal to zydeco, and can guarantee that the coverage that we write will be in-depth and accurate. For each article that is purchased in the magazine, we will place a picture, a link to the artist's website, and can also include a stream or video at the artist's discretion.

For the interview, we will send over 10 questions via email which you can answer at your leisure.

Each of the articles will be placed on NeuFutur and our backup sites (Blogger and Tumblr) permanently and will contain links to your website/social media profiles, a picture, and any sort of streaming audio that you would desire.
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