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Panem et circenses 2.0
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About the artist

After several years of touring and releasing albums as members of the Swedish Modern Metal act One Without, both Catrin Feymark and Kenny Boufadene felt the need to do something different from what they had previously done both musically and ideologically.

They formed We Are The Catalyst in Varberg, Sweden, in November of 2012. The band released their first EP; PANEM ET CIRCENSES on May 2nd 2013, and are now focusing on finishing their debut album with the working title BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING BECAUSE EVERYONE'S RIGHT.

Amongst many themes covered within their repertoire, there is a specific intent to explore answers to the question, "With failing monetary systems, wide-spread poverty, millions of children dying every year in under developed countries, the continuing over-exploitation of our natural resources, and the always-charging-never-stopping war-machine, we have to ask ourselves; Is this the world we want to live in?"