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Where they came from, no one knows. What they came for, that's debatable. What is known for sure is that three pieces of the audible spectrum fused together to form an amplified fist full of distorted freedom. Unfashionably fashioned from the discontent of the 21st century. They are slowly boiled, over boiled, and boiled down. The last pretty vestige in the vestige of an ugly world.

Vibrating air traveling through space and time shaped into pure energy expounding from amps and drums. Always start with a bang, end with bang, never take a break or stop or hang. Understated in appearance, the last thing you'd expect is a kick in the nuts but they offer nothing less than that plus a stiff punch in the guts. The sound from way down hooks and verses around destroying and swirling from the sky to the ground. Passion and frenzy put before fashion and envy. Repressed vanity channeled into unbridled insanity. An explosion of noise. An unprecedented calamity. Loud and irreverent, the profanest profanity, each song is about the condition of inhumanity. Each chord, each note, each line written in the blood from the stream of the unconscious. Put forth in earnest from their bodies to our plates.

That which has been activated that can't be deactivated, which has been set loose that cannot be contained, which has been flipped that cannot be unflipped.

That which is burned in your thoughts at night when you close your eyes. That which will be the last words that escape your lips.... ON SWITCH