Devotion Through Sound | James Munro

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About the artist


Maybe a chord or note at midnight will lead somewhere, or sitting on a train looking out of the window will provide an observation that may trigger an idea. I believe that the potential to make music is all around us, it is a matter of tapping into it at the right time.

I enjoy the art of constructing a piece of music. Sometimes from a title, such as 'The Last Drops of Fresh Rainwater', which is from a series of paintings by a very good artist friend of mine. Using keyboards as well as guitars I wish to pursue the idea of soundscapes as the primary method to convey and express meaning. I have recently become interested in producing music for films and see this as the direction that I would most like to take.

Influences and artists whom I admire? Too many to mention. Oh, all right then, how about Lou Reed, Brian Eno, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Bob Dylan to name but a few.