Only Human | Carl Rachel

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Quick word about Only Human:
People say this song reminds them of a "show closer, an encore," one that gets 10,000 torchlights swaying above the crowd.

Carl says it's a message about positivity, that as humans we all fall but a greater force is there to bring us back. Always.

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About the artist

Carl Rachel:
This guy will be the first to tell you not to judge someone by just appearance. Or a song by just one listen. Or a dozen oranges by just one taste. One breath does not make life.

His songs are completely from his experiences. "If you don't live it, you can't write it. You can only share what you have. And it's sharing that completes the having circle."

Only Human, just one page from Carl's "living" catalog, is a reminder that sometimes every one of us will fall, but there is a near and higher force that lifts us back up.


Only Human

If ever I see an angel
she’ll have to be flying low
to help this hopeless sinner
why she would God only knows
when Heaven comes down a’callin’
and I stand before my God
I’m sure to be begging mercy
yet all the while deserve the rod

He says you’re only human
but I’m here to set you free
you turned to me in good time
and now you’re gonna see
you can fly
with me you can fly.

They said a storm was coming
but I stormed out anyway
yeah, I’ve never been one to listen
always too hell bent to seize the day
then thunder rolls down the mountain
and a hard rain starts to fall
abandoned I’m begging help me
like every sinner who mocks the call

He says you’re only human
but I’m here and you’re with me
you turned to me in trouble
and now you’re gonna see
you can fly
with me you can fly—

with me you can fly.