It's About Time | Randy Bishop

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Randy Bishop is an accomplished songwriter, musician and vocalist. His original songs have been used in television series, as well as radio and television commercials. Randy has performed on stage with many well-known performers over the years. He writes in the rock, pop, country and Christian genres and plays all of the instruments on his recordings, along with singing all the vocals. As a contemporary songwriter, Randy is most interested in finding other artists to perform his material on their own albums, as well as having his songs licensed for use in movies and television. Randy is a member of ASCAP.


It’s About Time
By Randy Bishop (ASCAP), Copyright 2012

A ticking clock
Won’t bother to knock
Life goes on the same
In the fast lane
If we could catch time
Make it stop
But it’s all in vain


It’s about time
The way we live
The things we give
It’s about time
So open your mind (Open your eyes)
Don’t be blind
It’s about time

The minutes stop
For no one
But there is peace
In taking your time
Don’t be afraid to think for yourself
Or color outside the lines


If I could take back the wasted parts
Then I would try to make a brand new start
And I would never wish away
Another day