Touch | Deep River Running

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About the artist

Deep River Running is a collaboration that started in the Spring of 2008 between Nick Schinder and Jacqui Doherty.

Professional songwriter/singer/keyboard/guitar/producer/world citizen Nick Schinder, aka The Child (his long term project and alter ego: has won several contests around the world, travelled and gigged around Latin America and Europe, and released 4 albums with The Child, plus, he contributed to countless projects with his playing and songs.

Lyricist Jacqueline Doherty, aka Claudia Flaxton. Jacqueline is a published Poet with the International Society of Poets & Photographer, Diploma 04. After a number of years writing screenplays and poetry for fun, she decided to take her poems and turn them into songs. She set to work with artists that could add melody to her words, Nick being the one with whom she has worked the most, up to the point where they can now call themselves a creative duo. All songs written by Nick Schinder (music) and Jacqui Doherty (lyrics), except “Elephant & Castle” (lyrics & music by Nick Schinder)

Nick & Jacqui agree that the name Deep River Running, ''reflects well our attitude & style of music.''


Nick Schinder: Vocals, keyboards & guitars.
Jacqui Doherty: Lyrics
Hernan Burset: Drums


Let me
Be a summer day
An unfinished book
to you, love
I want to
Climb the branches of your inner tree
And sleep there

You're with me
In everything I feel
The face I want to
I want to Touch...

Here I stand
At the crossroads
Not sure which
way I should go now

Around me
The heady scent of life
It's only you I see

You're with me
In everything I feel
The face I want to
I want to Touch...

Next to you I'm just
a drop in the ocean
A breath in your air
A moment in time..

You're with with me
In everything I feel
the face I want to touch...