Strange Little Girl | Flight

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Formed quite a while ago in Liverpool, England, Flight are one of the most striking bands ever to come out of this great musical city. Lyrically dark, the music paints bleak landscapes on which they set out the realities and harshness of life and love. Taking a less poppy approach than most bands out of the city means Flight circulate on the periphary of the local scene, but they remain steadfast to their visions of music and refuse to conform.With two albums already available, the third eponymous album is due in December 2007 on Desolation Records. .... ...... ..Desire...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ......Add to My Profile.. | .. More Videos.. .. ...... .. .. ..
Paul F Jones - Guitars, keyboards, programming.... David Algeo - Vocals, guitars, programming, percussion, keyboards.... Bill Davies - Bass, words, keyboards.... Terry Cullen - Drums and electronic percussion.... Les/Andy - keyboards (live)