Mid Life Crisis | Self Tort

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An up-tempo, blues-rock, tongue-in-cheek look at getting old. It was written when I was in my mid 40s and seemed humorous at the time.Sixteen years on the humour's become a bit close to the bone.

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"Shades of Dr John and Eric Clapton, with hints of a full gin soaked gravel sound of Joe Cocker and with lyrics that show an emotional life,
lived to the max...you have it!"



Well the face in the mirror don’t look like me
There’s skin on my head where my hair used to be
Can’t fit into my last years clothes
Can’t touch my navel, can’t see my toes
No point in bizarre disguises
I won’t win no beauty prizes
Get used to these extra sizes,
I’m happy with my midlife crisis

No matter what I wear my belt’s too tight
And I wake up five times every night
Just three red wines, alcoholic haze
And the hangover lasts for days and days
Got to make some sacrifices
Keep away from food with spices
I don’t need no extra vices
I’m happy with my midlife crisis

Well my blood pressure’s up, but my old fella’s down
My libido’s dragging on the ground
No point in adult hide and seek
Cos the flesh is useless and the spirit is weak
Don’t want no girls with fancy prices
Bringing afternoon surprises
Leave me to my own devices
I am happy with my midlife crisis.

Copyright 1995 Brian Ralston