LOVE OF A MOTHER | David Leask

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Written by David Leask
Lead Vocal & acoustic guitar - David Leask
Drums - Mark Kelso
Bass - Colin Barrett
Piano & B3 - Jonathan Goldsmith
Electric Guitar - Troy McLaggan
Bg Vocals - Suzie Vinnick

Engineered and mixed by Mike Jones
Produced By David Leask

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"Leask brings to his music a compellingly honest baring of the soul" Toronto Star

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, David Leask is a songwriting journeyman. His music builds a spiritual and artistic bridge between the influences of his birthplace and the fresh possibilities of his newfound Canadian home. Whether his songs are shaped with pop, Celtic or folk influences, his goal is to write music from the soul that speaks to our common struggle to be human. For his efforts, he's received critical acclaim for 3 CD's, a Juno nomination and a bag full of international songwriting awards. David has also received the honour of winning the Mississauga Established Performing Artist of the Year. Whether playing solo, in a trio or backed by his 5-piece band, David's live show is always musically rich, high energy and heart-felt, captivating audiences with the intensity of his performance and the disarming honesty of his songs.

"100 Camels" was released by Iron Music/BMG in 1998.
"Ancestors Eyes" was released in 2000.
"Tightrope of Dreams" was released in February 2004.



You've cradled me since I was born
We've survived each other's scorn
And as the time has come and gone
I've watched you love me like a mother

Heart of gold nerves of steel
You taught me how to feel
And the feelings they are real
Between a child and a mother

Hold me, share the soul inside me
And fly free, send me on my way

With all the earth beneath my feet
I''ve finally wandered out of reach
And all the silence cannot speak
Of the love from a mother

I'll build a life I'll build a home
A family of my own
And share the love I've known
Between a child and a mother

Hold me, share the soul inside me
Then fly free, I'll be on my way

You've cradled me since I was born
And when our time has finally gone
I know that I can still hold on
To the love of a mother