Bombs Away | The Commuters

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Liner notes

Words and music by Zeeshan Zaidi
Vocals: Zeeshan Zaidi
Guitars: Zeeshan Zaidi
Bass: Ben Zwerin
Drums: Lorne Entress
Produced by Zeeshan Zaidi and Uri Djemal
Recorded and Mixed by Uri Djemal

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About the artist

The Commuters might hail from New York, but their kinetic, personal anthems capture an alt-rock essence that aspires toward worldwide appeal. Right from the outset of their debut LP, Rescue, its signature attributes are front and center. Lead single, “As I Make My Way,” has it all: an unforgettable hook, huge guitars that ring and echo, and a grounded rhythm section that anchors the track’s precise tension. You can hear the density of influence on tracks like “Hope to Be,” with its traces of Peter Gabriel, while Automatic/Monster-era R.E.M. is evident in the title track’s feedback thrust, and circa-Bends Radiohead in album standout “Fallen from Grace.” And what ties all this together are the Commuters’ poignant lyrics.

Before forming the Commuters in 2010, frontman Zeeshan produced Grammy-nominated Ryan Leslie’s first demo, and helped develop the careers of major label artists. Guitarist Uri Djemal is a childhood friend and a New York-based producer. The two co-produced the album at Djemal’s studio, where he had produced many artists in New York’s indie-rock scene. They are joined by French-raised Ben Zwerin on bass and upstate New York native Paul Amorese on drums.

Having established themselves at noted hometown venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and received blog acclaim in the U.S. and abroad, the Commuters are eager to build their US presence and also extend their experiences outward to an international audience.

While every band aims to last, the Commuters’ unique combination of its members’ personal histories and creative backgrounds foreshadows a longer and brighter future than most. The first album is just the start.


Split the sky with streaks of hypnotizing light
Bring the morning to the middle of the night
Give the masses a spectacular display
Back to safety before darkness turns to day

Jets ignited, engines on
Ninety minutes before dawn
Drop them all, fall where they may
Any which way, bombs away

Bombs away
Time to play
Bombs away

Crack the sky with streaks of captivating light
Bring the morning to the middle of the night
Give the people unforgettable displays
Back to safety before darkness turns to day

Falling to the cruising height
Pressure building up inside
Carpeting the whole landscape
No one escapes
Nothing remains
Let 'em have it -- bombs away

Bombs away
Time to play
Bombs away

Bombs away (bombs away)
Time to play (time to play)
Bombs away