Hold On Tight | Dan Rio

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Dan Rio all acoustic, electric ,dobro guitars lead and backround vocals

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Who is Dan Rio? Singer, Songwriter guitar player extraordinaire. His wide variety of styles and his philosophical writings lend itself to make you want to hear more. His vocals evoke emotion. Diversity and talent show through as a performing artist fronting the band or working with national artist on various recording projects such as Clarence Clemens, Billy Squire Band, Duke Williams and The Extremes and The James Montgomery Band. Although several influences can be heard throughout Dan Rio's " Listen To The Rain " the Title Track " Listen To The Rain " "Really Stands out and hits you between the ears". His current and first album for FigLeaf Records was produced at the legendary Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, Pa. Dan can also be heard doing lead vocals on the title track on Kingfish's R


I don't know what I'm feelin. Like a stranger in the night. Something's gotta hold and it don't feel right. Looking in the mirror yeah, at who I want to be, am I just a dreamer or is that really me? yeah. Hold on tight babe, hold hold on tight baby hold. Staring through the darkness babe a shadow of a face reminds me of another from some distant place. I gotta get away but there's nowhere left to turn. Stand and fight that's how I had to learn. Hold on tight baby, hold hold on tight baby, hold oh yeah. Hold on tight, hold on tight, hold, oh yeah. I've got to get away but there's no where left to turn. Stand and fight, that's how I had to learn. Hold on tight babe. hold, you gotta hold on, hold on tight, hold on tight. Gotta hold on tight, yeah. You got to hold on, hold on to me baby.