For Better of for Worse | Scott Wilburn

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Scott Wilburn is an artist and musician living in Sandpoint Idaho. Born in the fifties, having come of age during the turbulent sixties, and grown to adulthood in the seventies, began recording in the eighties, produced his first CDs in the nineties, and still writing and recording into the new millennium, his song writing reflects a wide variety of influences, with bits of electric blues, piano ballads, acoustic songs, heavy metal riffs, synth pop, and country rock jams all rolled into an improbable mix that defies most attempts at catagorization. A veritable one-man band, Scott writes the music & lyrics and plays most of the instruments on most of his songs, with cameo appearances by his many talented friends. His goal is that "no two songs sound alike".


For Better or for Worse
©2010 Scott Wilburn

Walking back to work one day
A long long time ago
I saw a girl who smiled at me
I won't forget her face

You came in and changed my life
For better or for worse
Now I can't imagine life

Years have passed, our children play
Our home is filled with love
I still see you smile at me
Noone could take your place

You came in and then you said
that you would never leave
We can't know what lies ahead
Just believe