See You Again | Jay Kaje

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Liner notes

Ted Davis guitar, lead vocals
Derek Chastain bass
Bill Wires drums
Jay Kaje harmony vocals

Ted wrote this one. A straight up Rock song with a Ramones feel.

© License

About the artist

Jay Kaje is an independent songwriter and recording artist.


You think you're walking together but you're walking alone
And the road ahead stretches on
And ever step you take leads you from home
Are the ones you love in your heart
Was checking out in the night the hardest part
Still it cuts me right to the bone

I gave my heart my soul my love
You said I never gave enough
You drew the curtains closed and hide within
I suffered rage but I found kindness
as I stumbled through the blindness
and I never wanted to see you again

You showed up at my door like the devil on my shoulder
And played upon my sympathy
I recall your touch your passion and the smell of your skin
All of you tempted all of me 2X

Verse 2
I invited you in and pretended to care
Inside an hour you laid your dress on a chair
We made love and slept until the dawn
You hinted around that you wanted to stay
As you picked at the food on the breakfast tray
And i became quiet and withdrawn

Chorus repeat