Wedding Song for Karen | Jay Kaje

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Liner notes

I wrote this song for my bride to be, and Ted and I performed it at the wedding. This version is a power ballad we put together to surprise her on our 20th anniversary. Starts gently and builds as the song progresses.

Jay Kaje vocals
Ted Davis guitars
Derek Chastain bass

© License

About the artist

Jay Kaje is an independent songwriter and recording artist. BMI


Don't know why you love me
What you could see
That you would give your heart
To a man like me, a man like me
Cause you're as pure as the snow
That comes to rest in the pines
The most beautiful girl I know
You sure do shine, you sure do shine
I thank the Lord above
For the miracle of your love
It's like a beacon in my darkest night
I'm gonna love you, love you
The rest of my life
And when you walk down the aisle
And your daddy give me your hand
I will swear to the world
I'll always be your man, always be your man
Chorus: repeat