Wedding Song | Jay Kaje

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Liner notes

Vocals and songwriter: Jay Kaje
Guitars and drums: Ted Davis
Bass: Derek Chastain
I wrote this song years ago and sang it with just an acoustic guitar accompaniment when i married my awesome wife. I was very shaky and nervous, but everyone thought it was sweet.
I surprised her with this version in 2017 to commemorate our 20th anniversary. Sweet again, right? A couple of friends helped with the soundtrack and i sing the vocal.
This is the Jay Kaje release of this song. There is an different version on X-ray that was released on the debut 13th Caller album. I sing lead on most of their songs too.

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About the artist

Just a guy who writes and records songs at home. Maybe some Nashville big wig will like my songs and place them with a good act. I'm affiliated with BMI.


Don't know why you love me
What you could see
That you would give your heart
To a man like me, a man like me
Cause you're as pure as the snow
That comes to rest in the pines
The most beautiful girl I know
You sure do shine, you sure do shine
I thank the Lord above
For the miracle of your love
It's like a beacon in my darkest night
I'm gonna love you, love you
The rest of my life
And when you walk down the aisle
And your daddy give me your hand
I will swear to the world
I'll always be your man, always be your man
Chorus: repeat