DELIVERY MAN | Ron Campbell & the bLUES bUSTERS

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Lead vocals: Ron Campbell
Guitar, piano: Ron Campbell
Saxophones: Ted Durnin
Bass: Dennis Fox
Drums: Neko

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About the artist

Ron Campbell & the bLUES bUSTERS. Working band from Powell River, BC, Canada.


(Ron Campbell)

Hey now, baby, I'm your DELIVERY MAN
I got a package for you, honey, I hope that you understand
I'm gonna bring it to ya just as soon as I can

You know honey, FedEx and Purolator, they ain't got nothin' on me
Yes, I can give you better service than the Loomis company
I want you to open up your front door and get set to take delivery

I'm gonna fill your order, bring you just what you need
I give overnight service, satisfaction guaranteed
Got a package for you, baby, I hope you understand
It's just what you been waitin' for, I'm your DELIVERY MAN

You know I got a mighty special package, baby, just you wait and see
Yes, I ain't gonna put it in the mail 'cause that ain't soon enough for me
Yes, I got to bring it on myself and give it to you personally

Yeah, hey now baby, I'm gonna be there just as soon as I can
Don't you know I got a package for you, baby, I hope that you understand
Yes, I'm gonna bring you what you need 'cause I'm your DELIVERY MAN

Yeah, that's right, honey