Boot Hill Gang | TB Young And The PC Band

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Boot Hill Gang

They were the boys, that made the most noise,
And sometimes, they lost their poise,
And these were the boys,playing with big boy toys,
Some boys never grow up,they'll always be the local cowboys,
Well they like to take a run, down the lonesome sideroad,
And take on a few bubblies,before it has snowed,
They can't go down that road then,or they 'll need to get towed,
If you get stuck down there,it could be freezing cold,
Sometimes they would head on out,to the cemetary,
Its nice and quiet there,and they won't disturb many,
You can back into the bush,unseen and unheard,
No one will know your there,you can turn loose the heard,
The party can go on all day and night, wirthout any fright,
You don't have to worry,because your out of site,
Just the odd farmer, might hear something in the wind,
But he remembers when he was young,and he grinned,
When they played their music loud,it could wake the dead,
They would not want to go there,that's enough said,
And one of these days, they'll run into, the grounds keeper Fred,
He knows them all by name,even his son Ted,

He tried to tell his Son, not to run with that gang,
Some of them,had their bell rang,
But he kept showing up, like a boomerang,
Some of them started to calling him Fang,
well his Paw said he thought its cause he had an overbite,
He got hit by a truck,since then he ain't been rite,
So ever since then he thought he'd seen the lite,
He's not to handsome now, and not to brite,