The Promise Radio Cut | Kim Krenik

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Liner notes

Produced and mixed by Ted Leonard

Ted Leonard : guitar, bass, electronic drums
Kim Krenik: piano, strings, vocals

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About the artist

"The Promise" was written by Kim Krenik and produced by Ted Leonard (lead vocalist for prog rock bands Spock's Beard and Enchant)

Kim is a singer/songwriter from The SF East Bay area. She is currently shopping for licensing deals with co-writer and producer Jackson B. Jackson. In addition she is working toward her 2016 book/CD companion Christian pop release "Fire Lilies - Out of the Ashes."


Been here in this valley of shadows way too long
I lift up my eyes to the mountains sorrow is my song
Oh, where does my help come from?
Oh I dig down deep search for wellsprings of life

ch I want to dance I want to play I want to hear my maker say
"you did well you did right lived for me laid down you life"
its a new day a day to dream run through the clouds and be set free
your his child he knows your name the pain's behind take his hand
enter in...
here in this barren wasteland I will not wast a moment
but praise my compassionate savior he will bring me out