Brutal Slorter | Sledge Droog, Tha KM

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Recorded @ VMR Studioz Elizabeth Downs, Adelaide North.
Sledge on Production and Made Beats Music
Sledge Droog, Tha KM on Vox in Tha Box

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About the artist

Sledge Droog, Tha KM's music is slowely growing.I record my music at home in my studio, the beats are made with fruityloops5 and the wordz are my poetry that I write from my lifez experience.I used 2 sing in a band named Khor with my neighbour Bernie but that didn't work out so I just do it alone and try to get out there tha best I can with wot I got. I still need to suss out my new keyboard then it will be all go. I used to sing in Brainbiter back in early 90's in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand ex Taranaki Skinhead.