Natural Instinct Short Version | Donna Banks

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About the artist

I have always been so captivated by movie score types of soundtracks that allow my musical imagination to escape. I think originally this was born of playing so many hotel lobby gigs. I would often times make up the entire four hours that I was playing, allowing me to experiment and practice my improvisational skills. I went on my own musical journey.

My most prolific and memorable accolade is opening as a solo artist, for the world famous, Buddy Rich and his big band. What a great honor bestowed upon me for one of the greatest jazz drummers in our American culture and the world over!

My current musical interests and expertise is two fold. As a solo artist, I love writing and recording in rich new age and ambient electronic landscapes with a piano sonority. I am also entrenched in instrumental film music, and like writing high energetic styles from electronic, techno- house based to epic orchestral.