GROO [Feat. Corby Schaub On Guitar] | mcastaudio

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About the artist

Equally as adept in composition and performance as he is in mixing and recording records, Matt Castillo brings over 20 years of experience in the music industry to every project he takes on. As a trumpet player Matt studied music at Angelo State University and received a degree at the Institute of Audio Research in Audio Engineering, Matt possesses a wide variety of expertise that has led to his position as a staff engineer at a well respected recording studio in New York City, Mercy Sound Studios. While engineering in NYC, Matt has had the opportunity to work with and explore a huge variety music that includes everything from pop and hip-hop to country, jazz and classical.

Matt’s credits are extensive, and include work for many Grammy winning and platinum selling artist such as Kronos Quartet, The Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, Blondie, Joe Bonamassa, Amel Larrieux, Black Rob, Mickey Heart(The Grateful Dead), Freedom Williams(C&C Music Factory), Lil’ Fame (M.O.P.) and Spike Lee.

Known for his proactive, energetic, and hands-on attitude toward every genre of music, artists, producers and composers alike find his enthusiastic approach towards molding music into his client’s vision leads to a rewarding experience that often adds a new spark into their projects.