Lay My Burdens Down | Denise Jackson

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Liner notes

Denise Jackson lead, Candice Smith harmonies. Written by Alexander Wood and Denise Jackson.

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About the artist

Denise Jackson, her best friend Candice Smith and Alex Wood all live in Madison, WI where they make music. Denise is 23 and Candice is 21 years old.


Have I suffered enough? Cried enough tears?
Wasted enough oh so many years?
Have I lied enough? Caused enough pain?
Spent time enough being foolish and vain?

But I’m letting go now, done regretting the past.
Cuz whatever we got, it goes by so fast.

I’m gonna lay my burdens down.

See, I have the power, the power to forgive.
To free myself of bitterness, to free myself and live.
The hardest thing that I have to do,
Strange as it seems, is to forgive myself too.

And every dream is one step at a time,
To get to the light and feel the sun shine.

I’m going to lay my burdens down.
Right now - I’m free enough to dream again
Right now - I’m ready to feel again.
Right now - It’s like being young again,
Right now - I can feel the sun again.

I’m going to lay my burdens down.

I’m thankful for the sun, and every shining star.
Thankful for who I am, thankful for who you are.

So I’m going to lay my burdens down.