The Mistress | Matthew Meadows

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About the artist

Matthew Meadows is a guitarist, singer & songwriter living outside of Seattle, WA. His solo EP, Etherati, was composed, performed and recorded between July, 2009 and December, 2010.

7 days after releasing Etherati to ReverbNation, Matthew Meadows was the #10 Seattle Alternative artist, #1027 globally, and in the top 1.5% of over 1 million artists across all genres. 7 days after that he was at #5 in Seattle and moving up faster than 99% of all artists globally. #1 artists on the site have posted glowing accolades, and the first press was equally complimentary.

Check him OUT...this is SUPERB energy! He’s got guitar chops that go far beyond “just metal” Dick Metcalf - Improvijazzation Nation

Such superb guitarwork in Falling. Wonderful song with a great feel! Very talented! DestinationDawn Jan 09


Beautiful guitar playing...5 stars here Nipple Nose Jan 03

The Turk is giving me goosebumps Aqualyra Dec 30

Some of the sweetest riffs I've ever heard. The proverbial "tip of the hat to you" Sir Matthew Rick Frost Dec 28

The Mistress is sick. Love it... Jane Collymore Dec 21

Data acquired from ReverbNation and Jango indicates extremely high engagement metrics with fans and artists of multiple genres including metal, folk, and jazz. Women ages 35-44 and men ages 25-44 scored the highest engagement, some listening repeatedly to the entire EP. Regression models suggest continued organic growth in plays through Q2, 2011 as Etherati enters distribution.

Between October, 2009 and August, 2010 Matthew played guitar with the Seattle hard rock outfit Zombie Jihad, lead by guitarist Kenan Kelley and featuring vocalist Sean Aust, bassist Christian Mark Wilson, and drummer Jerry Willits.

While living and working in Austin between 1995 and 2005 Matthew played in the tech scene underground band H4ck, a power trio supported by bassist Daniel Easton and drummer Brett Hopkins.


It's time to see the mistress
Get down on your knees
You don't want to miss this
Can't do what you please

When you see the mistress
Tell her what you need
She won't be the witness
She might let you bleed

The mistress is calling
I can't resist

It's time to please mistress
She will only tease
Never mind your business
Bind you up and leave

Pray before the mistress
Pray for what you need
Don't expect forgiveness
For all your wicked deeds

The mistress is calling
I can't resist

Never fear the mistress
Leave behind your sleaze
She won't mind your distress
She'll put you at ease

When you leave the mistress
When you feel appeased
You may have an interest
In mistress as you please

The mistress is calling
I can't resist