Sons Of Thunder | Anthony Rufo

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About the artist

This track is from the album Above The Clouds and is available for purchase on CD Baby here:

Intelligent.....Adventurous.....Free Spirited....Honest........Inspirational and Electric are just a few words to describe the amazing and passionate style of Anthony Rufo's music. His profoundly understated and distinctive talents make his eclectic approach to writing and performing music a harmonic treat for audiences of all ages. Anthony was recently featured in September's Guitar Player magazine. In his first CD, "Makin' Waves," Rufo showcases his keen ability and "heartfelt drive" to create moods, awaken emotions and paint pictures without the use of words. Using the guitar, piano, B-3 Hammond Organ, saxophone and a blend of rich and rockin' sound effects, Rufo tells his story by using a variety of musical styles. From new-age fusion to the red hot sounds of heavy metal, Rufo puts his heart and soul into every note he plays"Above the Clouds", Rufo's second CD is another testimony to the talents of this versatile musician. Here, both instrumental and vocal songs are showcased.