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  • Ken spellman

    Internet Radio Airplay - 100 plays for $20

    Description - Guaranteed Airplay Soundcheck Internet Radio - This opportunity is simple. You pay $20 and we will play your music 100 times. This opportunity will give you a chance to present your music to our worldwide audience alongside today's top artist. Rules and Conditions All Radio Spin Pr...
  • Lgr twitter

    Seeking Edgy Hip-Hop Tracks & Rappers For Roster & Licensing

    Little Guy's Rise is opening the door to industrial, edgy, alternative, acid house-flavored hip-hop and rap for roster consideration and licensing opportunities. These opportunities are heating up in the wake of "Yeekus", the new Kanye West record, which dropped earlier this week (June ...
  • Inflred

    Seeking Rap/Hip Hop/Urban Artists for Record Label Roster

    Are you an exceptional, credible artist hip/hop/urban artists? Do you have a great sound, original lyrics, impeccable flow and an ear for a hook? Submit your music to be considered for our label I'm Not From Brooklyn Records.
  • Inflred

    ratings only dropbox

    ratings only required to be included in the industry professional rating pool
  • Sgm tm

    Topliners, Producers & Hook Writers For Electro Alternative Hip-Hop Group

    Splash Galaxy® Music has been asked to supply songs with topline hooks and lyrics to an up-and-coming electro hip-hop group (and their management). Being real musicians based on the east coast, this group has unlimited touring potential, as well as the entertainment and vocal talent to strike cro...
  • Sgm tm

    Seeking Music For Retirement Lifestyle Placement - $3,000+ payout

    A well-established ad agency has tipped off Splash Galaxy® Music about a project in pre-production with a first round of music deadlines coming up in mid-July. The ad campaign is with a company in the financial services industry with a target market / ad theme of those thinking about or nearing r...
  • Screen shot 2015 06 04 at 1.58.02 pm

    Seeking Pop/R&B for Universal/Republic artist Zendaya

    I will be submitting your BEST Pop/R&B songs and tracks with hooks to A&R Executives at Universal/Republic for Zendaya. Songs can be a little more urban than pop. I will only listen to songs that are submitted via Music Xray. Valerie Patton has signed and developed some of the most notabl...
  • Symbol black

    Firm Music I

    Looking for composers, producers and artists for our Production Music Label, BTV/Universal
  • 10409003 639901329473286 8822589554729760354 n

    180 South Seeking Songs for Artist with major distribution

    180 South Group is seeking songs for an artist with major distribution. Looking for songs similar to something that would fit in with Ed Sheeran's catalogue. Minimum payout is $2k. Exclusive term negotiable, based on if the song was previously released or not. Please submit your best track(s) for...
  • 10409003 639901329473286 8822589554729760354 n

    180 South Group Seeking Music for MetLife Stadium Events

    180 South has just been contracted to produce the videos that will display outside of MetLife Stadium during games and concerts, as well as play in the bars and behind the kiosks around the stadium. We are seeking pop-rock-hip hop music that can appeal to a wide demographic. This is a non-exclu...
  • 10409003 639901329473286 8822589554729760354 n

    180 South Seeks (2) Songwriters for In-House Position

    180 South is a creative management agency representing the world's premier artists and brands. Just named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine, 180 has assembled an A-team of licensing and branding experts spanning 9 Grammy’s, 4 Emmy’s, and some of the brightest marketi...