Matches for your song.

  • Jeff_blue_musicxray_pic

    Submit your song to Jeff Blue for consideration

    Jeff has a number of opportunities he is working on and would gladly consider your music. His specialty is grooming bands for major label success. Do you have what it takes? Jeff was responsible for signing Macy Gray, Hoobastank, Daniel Powter, Linkin Park, and recently he found w.e.r.m. on Musi...
  • Mathteam

    Consideration for Film, TV, Gaming and Commercial Music Licensing

    Submit your music for consideration for various licensing deals. Some past and current clients include MTV, ABC, WB, Fuel TV, Gamefly, VH1, Fox, Vans and Roxy to name a few. We will contact you if we like what we hear and can work with you. - The Math Team
  • Bill_friar

    Looking for Pop/Dance Tracks

    We are looking for pop/dance instrumentals for collaboration and release on our label "Bill Friar Entertainment". We are looking for fun, upbeat pop songs with potential for club/dance remixes (Think Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Katy Perry, Cher) I will write/co-write lyrics with you and/or voca...
  • Mac_a_million_2011_logo_3_380x380 copy

    We Need Pop Music

    Seeking: Pop Music, Dance-pop, Electropop, Europop, Indie pop, Power pop, Christian pop, Synthpop, Traditional pop, & Teen pop complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties...
  • Jeff_blue_musicxray_pic

    Quick phone consult, leading to personalized workshop at my home in LA - I develop and break acts!

    Recently, I began inviting promising bands / acts to LA where we spend a few days to a week working together, co-writing, recording and preparing an act for a career-launching event. All but one act I've worked with in recent memory have secured a major deal after these sessions. For this oppor...
  • Screen_shot_2014-05-02_at_12

    Seeking Pop-Country Music for Signed Artist

    We seek songs that are somewhere between Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood for an up and rising star. This artist is embarking on a new cd venture and needs fresh new songs. If selected, we will produce your song and promote it to radio.The artist is currently involved in a new reality show ...
  • Little guys rise - logo with tm

    Accepting Demos In ALL GENRES For Label Deals & Placements

    Little Guy's Rise™ is accepting demos in ALL GENRES for label opportunities and placements. We're on the lookout for great songs and/or acts in any style of music. While we specialize in pop, country, and hip-hop, we're eager to find both mainstream and fringe creators seeking development, brandi...
  • Splash galaxy background title web

    Pop Singles For Female Soul Pop Singer

    Splash Galaxy has procured a pitching opportunity with a female "future" soul pop singer who is cutting tracks and needs a pop anthem for a single release. Think about the vocals of Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Beyonce with the electro pop production of Ke$ha, Katy Perry and even some 90's R&B vocal...
  • Splash galaxy background title web

    Alternative Pop Songs Needed for Female Singer

    Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single. *Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay,...
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    Songs Needed For EDM-Pop Boyband

    Little Guy's Rise is fielding demos and tracks for a teenage boyband. We want formatted top 40 and pop radio songs. The artists carry the young glam of the boyband format, but still need hit songs to push them into the mainstream. So the music should reflect this... (think One Direction, Big Time...
  • Splash galaxy background title web

    Reels Needed For Music Supervisor Of Feature Films

    Splash Galaxy® Music is welcoming reels for procurement with a music supervisor who has handled several feature films. In terms of songwriting and composition, the most likely winners will be tracks sung with creative and tonally unique vocals. If you are a songwriter, be crafty and clever with y...
  • Little guys rise - logo with tm

    Pop & Country Artists For Label Roster

    Little Guy's Rise™ is scouting polished, commercially viable artists with a unique voice, original branding image, and a capacity to perform live in a creative and entertaining way. If you don't write, but are a talented entertainer, we can get you the songs you need. If you are just a songwriter...
  • Newrevoltlogo

    Need Pop Records ala One Direction or Backstreet For New Boy Band

    Here is your chance to get a piece of the Boy Band action we watched NSYNC, Backstreet, NKOTB, 98 Degrees and now One Direction sale millions of records and tour the world so that means there are wealthy songwriters behind these guys. We need massive hits so bring your A Game. Respectfully, H2...
  • Zilahpublishing

    Seeking contemporary, Smooth , Cool, Classic Blues , Jazz, compositions for Compilation album

    Seeking contemporary, smooth , cool, classic blues , Jazz, compositions for Compilation album to be released 2nd Quarter 2014. Compilation will also be submitted to companies that deliver ambient music solutions to a variety of retailers and other business environments such as retail chain re...
  • Screen_shot_2014-07-08_at_3

    Def Jam Records artist August Alsina need music

    Need full records or tracks with hooks for Def Jam artist August Alsina. My Head of Int'l Music is meeting with his team in Germany tomorrow. Yes he just dropped his album "Testimony" but he is always looking for material. If selected your track will be pitched for final consideration - Mach 1 Ent
  • Splash galaxy background title web

    Topliners, Producers & Hook Writers For Electro Alternative Hip-Hop Group

    Splash Galaxy® Music has been asked to supply songs with topline hooks and lyrics to an up-and-coming electro hip-hop group (and their management). Being real musicians based on the east coast, this group has unlimited touring potential, as well as the entertainment and vocal talent to strike cro...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    A&R company looking for new artists, bands, composers and instrumentalists

    We would like to hear from all promising music creators out there. We are open to all genres and styles of music from Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Blues, Alternative and Urban music, to Classical music, Film Scores, Lounge music, Electronic music and all other forms of instrumental music. Our only...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    A&R company looking for artists for Pop compilation

    Every week we release a new compilation showcasing the best works by a newly discovered artist or group. Our compilations are submitted to all our entertainment industry clients for the purpose of generating revenue and publicity. Our clients include music libraries, music streaming services, boo...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Submit your songs for airplay consideration

    Our online radio network promotes top upcoming music creators around the world and we are always looking for new artists, composers, DJs, songwriters, music producers and instrumentalists. We promote all genres of music from Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk and Country music, to EDM, Classical, Jazz an...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Breakup Songs needed for Licensing

    Sad songs for those moments after the love has gone. We would like to hear anguished, indignant, disillusioned, emotional lyrics and sad love stories. We like husky, enticing vocals, for example Toni Braxton songs like Unbreak My Heart and Another Sad Love Song. In addition to R&B/Soul we are a...
  • Splash galaxy background title web

    Seeking Music For Retirement Lifestyle Placement - $3,000+ payout

    A well-established ad agency has tipped off Splash Galaxy® Music about a project in pre-production with a first round of music deadlines coming up in mid-July. The ad campaign is with a company in the financial services industry with a target market / ad theme of those thinking about or nearing r...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Music Videos required for licensing

    We are looking for high quality music videos in all genres. Artists will receive royalties and a lot of publicity from this opportunity. Please include a link to the music video in the notes when you submit your song. - SRL Networks London
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Top 40 Party Anthems required

    No rude/offensive/explicit content please. We are trying to find a very catchy, radio-friendly track for a music licensing company. We would like to hear airy, uplifting, sing-along style lyrics with wide appeal in terms of age, gender, race etc. Please submit bright, fun, mainstream-sounding...