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  • Ken_spellman

    Internet Radio Airplay - 150 spins for $50

    Description - Guaranteed Airplay Soundcheck Internet Radio - This opportunity is simple. You pay $50 and we will play your music 150 times. This opportunity will give you a chance to present your music to our worldwide audience alongside today's top artist. Rules and Conditions All Radio Spin Pr...
  • Mac_a_million_2011_logo_3_380x380 copy

    We are signing Hip Hop artist!

    Looking For: Hip Hop, Rap, complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties, Publishing deals If you think you are the next up and coming hip hop artist, and your music is as ...
  • Mac_a_million_2011_logo_3_380x380 copy

    We Need Pop Music

    Seeking: Pop Music, Dance-pop, Electropop, Europop, Indie pop, Power pop, Christian pop, Synthpop, Traditional pop, & Teen pop complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties...
  • Newrevoltlogo

    Record Exec. Needs Huge Pop Records for Top Charting Artist

    Please send only smash hits and be prepared to send instrumentals for demo purposes and willing to do a co pub deal only on the songs submitted. Respectfully, A&R Dept. - New Revolt
  • Lgr_twitter

    Accepting Demos In ALL GENRES For Label Deals & Placements

    Little Guy's Rise™ is accepting demos in ALL GENRES for label opportunities and placements. We're on the lookout for great songs and/or acts in any style of music. While we specialize in pop, country, and hip-hop, we're eager to find both mainstream and fringe creators seeking development, brandi...
  • Sgm_tm

    Pop Singles For Female Soul Pop Singer

    Splash Galaxy has procured a pitching opportunity with a female "future" soul pop singer who is cutting tracks and needs a pop anthem for a single release. Think about the vocals of Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Beyonce with the electro pop production of Ke$ha, Katy Perry and even some 90's R&B vocal...
  • Sgm_tm

    Pop Country Songs Needed For Female Artist

    Splash Galaxy™ Music is very in with "what is working", contemporary country blended with the upbeat pop sounds of today is in heavy favor and we have an excellent pitching opportunity lined up. It can almost be tilted in an "indie pop country" direction, based on the charts we're looking at, as ...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Singer Songwriters For Roster & Licensing

    Little Guy's Rise is opening the door to singer / songwriters of all genres. Specifically, we're always on the hunt for hit material that we or our artists can do mutually beneficial business over; this means pop, electro, and indie or alt pop, and sometimes indie rock. However, we do tip our hat...
  • Sgm_tm

    Urban, R&B Songs Needed For Male Singer

    Splash Galaxy® Music has put together a unique pitching opportunity with an up-and-coming male singer (and sometimes rapper), who is influenced by artists like Drake, Trey Songz, and Kid Cudi. The 19 year-old artist and his production team are looking for songs which contain moods and lyrical con...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Hook-Driven Pop Ballad Needed For Major Female Singer

    Little Guy's Rise™ is working obsessively to procure a modern-day emotional pop ballad for a major female pop, pop-soul, indie-pop singer. It is expected that the song will have a solid lyrical and melodic hook in the chorus, and that the verses are clearly verses, and the chorus is heavy-hitting...
  • Sgm_tm

    Special Vocal Performances Sync Placements Needed

    Splash Galaxy® Music is looking for unique vocal performances, either male or female, to be considered for an upcoming film placement, as well as other regularly available sync and library considerations. The genre and tempo of music that features these vocal performances is not of great concern ...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Female Electro-Pop Artist Needs Songs

    Little Guy's Rise™ is looking to procure a breakout-quality cut for an 18-year-old diva's EP. She specializes in Rihanna-like belting in the electro-pop and dance-pop realm, as well as in the sexy Britney vocals. We're hoping the songs can be tilted in love & relationships, unique partying mantra...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Upbeat Adult Contemporary Songs For Signed Female Artist

    Little Guy's Rise™ is the decision-maker and executive A&R for a signed female artist in the adult contemporary and HOT AC genres. We are searching for commercially viable hit songs (or tracks that she can sing over) to be used on her upcoming debut album. Our criteria is that the songs be upbeat...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Songs & Tracks For Coffee Company Advertisement - $2,000+ payout

    Little Guy's Rise™ is searching for catchy, melodic and upbeat songs & tracks for a reputable coffee company's digital video advertisements. If tracks are of considerable quality and match the vibe needed, they will be held and added to a secure playlist that is pitched directly to the music supe...
  • Sgm_tm

    Teen Power-Pop & Dance HITS For Reputable A&R

    Splash Galaxy® Music has solidified the ideal pitching opportunity to procure male and/or female teen power-pop & dance songs to a reputable LA-based A&R. We are looking for great hit songs about love, relationships, partying, having the "time of your life", etc. Remember you are writing for the ...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Acoustic Pop Songs With An Indie Edge For Feature Film

    Songs performed in a playful style with driving, high-energy hooks needed for a feature film, either male or female vocals. If the song is right but the vocals are not, we'll re-cut to fit the part. Songs should be sung in English and contain a world feeling in the production. Singer-songwriter a...
  • Sgm_tm

    Publishing Deal For Writers Of All Genres + Sync Composers

    Splash Galaxy® Music is opening the door to any and all genres from writers who are looking for an exclusive term songwriting deal, as well as sync composers who can deliver solid library material on a consistent, on-demand basis. -Advance: up to $5,000 -Exclusive, termed deal -We'll listen care...
  • Mbg_logo3

    Seeking Female Pop Artists similar to Taylor swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, etc

    We are in high need of pop songs similar to Taylor swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, etc immediately. Artists with these type of uptempo songs, please submit your best work asap! This is an ongoing need for a TV series. Thanks. - Music Boulevard Group
  • Sgm_tm

    Gimmicky Pop Songs Needed For Super Hot Female Artist

    Premise: If Meghan Trainor can sky-rocket to #1 with "All About That Bass" then it proves we are in a total no-man's land going into the autumn pop markets (great job Epic Records!). Hypothesis: Splash Galaxy® Music has 100% decision-making, fully autonomous, procurement, and provisional veto-po...
  • Sgm_tm

    Songs Needed For Female Pop RnB Artist

    Splash Galaxy® Music has the 100% say on procuring songs for a very talented female artist in the pop / R&B space. Don't try for an album cut; send her SINGLES. We are looking for hits for this project. What defines a hit? We'll be looking for hooks, clever melodic material, and lyrics that are d...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Superhero Music Needed For Film Sync - Rock, Electronic, Orchestral

    Little Guy's Rise is working with a music supervisor to find "triumphant and exaggerated superhero music" for an upcoming feature film. After initial discussions, we've decided to open this up to rock, electronic, and orchestral sounds. Drums should be hard hitting and eventful. Nothing about thi...
  • Ken_spellman

    Digital Distribution deal with Soundcheck Media Group - Bonus 500 free plays on Soundcheck iRadio

    Soundcheck Media Group is offering a worldwide digital distribution deal though our affiliation with Mytunes Digital/Ingrooves. Soundcheck Media Group has a proven track record of creating genuine revenue streams for artists of all genres. Other distribution companies generate less revenue mainl...
  • Lgr_twitter

    Independent Record Label Seeking Artists, Songwriters, Producers - $10K Advance

    Little Guy's Rise is lead decision maker and A&R for an indie looking to sign talented artists, songwriters and producers to a record deal with an advance up to $10K. What we're looking for in artist submissions: strong and unrivaled vocals, special branding power, dedication and machine-like w...