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    Songwriting and best vocal Performance collaboration opportunity

    Send me your best songs that can show off your vocal performance and or songwriting talents! Looking to fill several opportunities including Male and Female vocalists with excellent recording voices in RnB, Rock, Country, Pop, Adult Contemporary and Hip Hop/Rap. Many industry connections for song...
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    Publishing Opportunity - Looking for "Hits and Hooks"

    In search of hit songs for numerous Publishing opportunities! All genres welcome for this submission dropbox. Demos are Okay.
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    Big choruses needed for big Spanish DJ! Chorus is king!

    Huge Spanish DJ who I've worked with a bunch is looking for big choruses in the vein of Avicii - "The Nights" and Avicii - "Wake me up". Whole songs are fine as long as the chorus can stand on it's own. Please make sure the melodies are current sounding. I cant stress this en...
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    Seeking Music for rapper Ty Dolla $ign

    I'm seeking new music (beats, tracks, hooks etc.) for rapper Ty Dolla $ign. This is for his follow up to the 2015 hit album Free TC. Ty Dolla $ign sings and raps, combining elements of hip hop and contemporary R&B. I'll be pitching tracks directly to his team at Atlantic Records. Please subm...
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    Seeking Producers, Songwriters, & Artists for Management & Consulting Opportunities

    I'm seeking amazing producers, songwriters and developing artists for serious management and consulting opportunities. I'm looking to help new and established artists move their music careers into commercial success by developing relationships. Please submit your best work for consideration.Teren...
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    Seeking Psychedelic Pop, Electro Pop, Power Pop for Major Networks, Films, and Ads!

    Seeking Psychedelic Pop, Electro Pop, Power Pop. songs in the style of MGMT, Weeknd, M83, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, etc. to pitch for Multiple TV and Film on networks such as FOX, CBS, NBC Universal, Weinstein Co, etc. Advertisements such as Sony Playstation, Pepsi, Starbucks, Nissan, Gillette, To...
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    Seeking EDM submissions for online radio station airplay!

    We are seeking up-and-coming EDM artists and performers to air on our successful, popular online radio station! If your song matches what we are looking for, you will get daily plays during our new music segments. Our segments appear at least once per hour on our station, found at www.1pureedm.c...