Sonic Subtlety Analysis

Jaymz OTL
Gyrator - Cellartapes

At Cellartapes, we are all about raising the profile of experimental and unusual forms of music. you can find the acts and sounds we currently represent at or at

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Available Opportunities

Guaranteed Insincere Complimentary Analysis
If you want to be told how nice your tune is, what great potential you have as an artist and generally taken for a ride then submit here. If you want genuine and non-flattering commentary then we have a place for that too although you'll have to be a bit thicker skinned...
Guaranteed Vicious Scathing Analysis - not for the thin skinned
If you are thick skinned and take criticism well even in the most offensive conditions, then this review will help you to see beyond your own vanity and find what you need to do to make your awful noise less nauseating. If you are not thick skinned then why are you still reading this? Go and s...  Learn More
Deeper discussion of what could be done here
We can talk about your tune in some depth here:- What is the tune's intended purpose? How successfully does it communicate the feelings that inspired it? What could be done to get the most out of the track? Where does it fit commercially (if this is an issue for you)? What would be fulfilling...  Learn More

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