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Donald J. Ferro
President - Sweet Rosie Music

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Available Opportunities

Hit Country Songs
If you understand what constitutes a hit country song, send us your best...include a lyric sheet...we have several key pitch meetings coming up throughout the spring. Big hooks and great lyrics are a must. Male or female lead vocals...we need both. Traditional or new country? We need both. Up-...  Learn More
Craig Campbell is looking for up-tempo "new country" radio hits.
If you don't know this artist well, you may not realize the excellent opportunity available here. Get to know him through his work before you submit your material. He is looking for exactly what all young, new, country artists tell us they want..."uptempo, party lyrics, summer fun songs." This...  Learn More
Seeking Pop songs with Christian and/or Inspirational Lyrics
We are currently placing material with 2 Christian pop artists. One is male, one female, and both are in need of both uptempo and ballad material. Lyrics do not have to be "Christian specific" but must be inspiration and positive in their message. We can accept even rough mixes BUT be sure to inc...  Learn More
Seeking Sitcom Theme Song
A summer replacement situation comedy scheduled for a major network is currently looking for a lighthearted, uptempo theme song. The show is about two senior citizens (both male and widowed) who are also father and son. It is being pitched as a cross between "Golden Girls" and "The Odd Couple." ...  Learn More
Hit Songs for Top 40 Pop Radio
Gigantic hooks with creative lyrics! We have countless upcoming pitch sessions with top pop artists stressed for extremely hook laden songs, ranging from dance material to Maroon 5. Think Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Pink, Katy Perry. As diverse as these ar...  Learn More
Seeking Acoustic Pop for placement with Singer/Songwriter
We have an immediate need for acoustic pop; featuring either piano or guitar with vocal. Think Sara Groves, Mumford & Sons, Jason Mraz, Laura Story, or James Morrison and you are in the ballpark. We are placing material with 2 artists, one male, one female. We are looking for very commercial, hit...  Learn More
Authentic Americana/Bluegrass Music
We need original songs created in a traditional Americana or Bluegrass genre. Think Alison Krauss and Union Station as a reference. Should be demoed with predominantly acoustic instrumentation..acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, stand up bass, fiddle, washboard percussion, etc. Lyrics are extrem...  Learn More
Adult Contemporary Ballad
Two major labels are looking for adult contemporary ballads suitable for a female vocalist. Think Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Oleta Adams, Christina Aguillera and you’re in the ball park. We have only a 60 day window on this excellent opportunity for mature writers.
Professional Song Critique with Donald J. Ferro - Sweet Rosie   ...
Writers who choose this option will receive a detailed and professional critique including positive and constructive comments from our professional A&R staff...of course, your song will also be considered for publication. Here at Sweet Rosie Music we take this type of work very seriously, so ple...  Learn More
Consider Your Song for Publishing with Sweet Rosie Music
One of our A&R staff members will conscientiously listen to your song to determine if we can offer you a publishing contract for the individual work. A portion of your submission will go towards the Save The Children Fund.
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