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Donald J. Ferro
President - Sweet Rosie Music

Sweet Rosie Music is a well established ASCAP affiliated publisher with an outstanding history for the last ten years; when it was first established as a subsidiary of MotherLode Productions, a well known and respected "production house."

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Sweet Rosie Music seeking Radio Friendly Rock for an Female Artist
We need powerful and commercial rock songs suitable for a powerhouse female guitarist. She is a young breakthrough artist with a voice as soulful as Melissa Etheridge and plays phenomenal lead guitar as well. W... Learn More
Hit Songs for Top 40 Pop Radio
Gigantic hooks with creative lyrics! We have countless upcoming pitch sessions with top pop artists stressed for extremely hook laden songs, ranging from dance material to Maroon 5. Think Ariana Grande, Jenni... Learn More
Seeking Acoustic Pop for placement with Singer/Songwriter
We have an immediate need for acoustic pop; featuring either piano or guitar with vocal. Think Sara Groves, Mumford & Sons, Jason Mraz, Laura Story, or James Morrison and you are in the ballpark. We are placing m... Learn More
Authentic Americana/Bluegrass Music
We need original songs created in a traditional Americana or Bluegrass genre. Think Alison Krauss and Union Station as a reference. Should be demoed with predominantly acoustic instrumentation..acoustic guitar, b... Learn More
Adult Contemporary Ballad
Two major labels are looking for adult contemporary ballads suitable for a female vocalist. Think Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Oleta Adams, Christina Aguillera and you’re in the ball park. We have only a 60 day window on this excellent opportunity for mature writers.
SEVERAL major country artists are currently looking for HIT SINGLES for their next CD. Many A-List recording artists are still not satisfied with the material they have for their next CD release. Producers are ex... Learn More
Professional Song Critique with Donald J. Ferro - Sweet Rosie Music
Writers who choose this option will receive a detailed and professional critique including positive and constructive comments from our professional A&R staff...of course, your song will also be considered for publi... Learn More
Consider Your Song for Publishing with Sweet Rosie Music
One of our A&R staff members will conscientiously listen to your song to determine if we can offer you a publishing contract for the individual work. A portion of your submission will go towards the Save The Children Fund.
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