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Robyn Taylor-Drake Catalog Manager - Trio Productions, Inc / Songscape Music, LLC

Located in Nashville, we pitch to major recording artists & record labels. We're looking for street ready songs as well as singers & songwriters looking for honest / caring feedback, support, & development ~ 'a place at the table'.

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Available Opportunities

Traditional 90's Country
We have a new outlet for traditional songs or songs that sound like 'Texas'. PLEASE INCLUDE LYRICS! We prefer songs written by one (or at the most 2 writers), as we will offer exclusive single song publishing contracts on material we select. Please don't send songs already registered with the L...  Learn More
Get a songpluggers professional evaluation BEFORE you demo.
Get a critique of your song BEFORE you spend demo money. We break it down and let you know where we feel there may be tweaks that could make the song stronger. Remember, in this very competitive business, your competitors are the 100's of established writers gunning for the same slots on a reco...  Learn More
Seeking Writers who can write a Country Mid / Uptempo
We're looking for mid to uptempo songs that groove. We're based in Nashville, so we focus on country & crossover acts. We've signed several songs generated from Music Xray submissions and we've forged solid relationships with writers we believe in. If you have that special song, we'd love to he...  Learn More
Seeking Hit Songs for Country Artists
SEND LYRIC WITH SUBMISSION! Original songs with singable lyric, interesting melodies, and great grooves. Topically authentic & emotionally relatable but NOTHING preachy. Mid & uptempo preferred. DEMO ~ Piano or guitar vocals are fine but we insist on a lyric with your submission. If we find som...  Learn More
Seeking Acoustic Instrumentation / Roots Music for TV & Film
Roots music with cool vibe, groove, & lyrical depth ~ (no beginnings of lines with the same phrase over and over...) Melodies should be memorable. Somebody please crack the mold & shake things up. Pop or folk/rock feel ok. It's very competitive, so nothing but your BEST!!!! PLEASE Include a LYRIC...  Learn More
Seeking Authentic Heartbreak Songs for Licensing Catalog   ...
Looking for authentic & emotional lyrical content over great melodies. Range is okay, but the lyric must emote! (reference Adele) Mid - up tempos have a better chance because ballads are harder to place, but please be authentic and real! We pitch to major country artists, so a great melody with...  Learn More
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