Looking to help artists be the very best they can be....and to open doors !

Stuart Cheese Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand

I am the new Vice President of UK A&R for fast expanding UK label One Night Stand Music and also the CEO of How-to-market-music dot com. I love helping artists move forward and getting them in front of real decision makers.

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Available Opportunities

Ongoing placements of $2500 per track for music that evokes!
So, on Sunday night, a major advertising agency we have previously worked with emailed us to say they are looking for new music and offering $2500 per use. They said “We are seeing a major uptick in work as we leave the pandemic behind us. We have a number of advertising campaigns across a broad...  Learn More
Media Review
Music IS a business and you need to present yourself professionally. I have personally taken 1 band in particular from nowhere to them recently being offered a full European Tour! and all it took was a professional image! I'll go through your online "presence" (ie websites, Facebook, Twitter, You...  Learn More

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Are you ready to be signed?
After years of working with various labels all around the world, We know what labels are looking for ! Send us your best song, plus links to your Website, FB Pages etc and we'll tell you if you are ready to be put in front of labels AND how we can make that happen too ! Please include your social...  Learn More

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Looking for AMAZING bands to Manage, promote and move forward
Be warned, we only consider working with GREAT ARTISTS. So having said that, if you believe you have what it takes, then we would love to hear from you. You won't get a one word yes or no from us. If it's a yes then it will be just the start, but even if it is a no, we'll tell you why and do ever...  Learn More

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Looking for songs with radio play potential
Do you have a song that you believe deserves radio play? Over the years we have built up relationships with thousands of radio stations and they listen to what we send them. We have also taken singles in to the charts via this same route. So submit the one song you really believe in and if we agr...  Learn More

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Dynamic critique and quotes about your song
As VP of UK A&R for One Night Stand Music and CEO of How-To-Market-Music.com, I know just how vital it is to create "buzz" about a song or to be able to catch an editors eye when looking for your music to be included on play lists, podcasts etc. I will listen to your track and give you full (not...  Learn More
Looking for AMAZING artists to expand roster at One Night Stand   ...
My job is to find new artists for the fast expanding UK Label - One Night Stand Music. We are not looking for any specific genres, it just needs to be outstanding. I will give you a definite Yes or No, no "interested" nonsense ! If it is a yes, then we will discuss how we move forward, but even...  Learn More

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