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Musica Ficta Productions Submissions
submission price: $10.00

Musica Ficta Productions Submissions

I am looking for:
- Lyrics: Songwriting collaboration. Looking for someone who can write powerful lyrics on existing material.
- Instrumental music (especially piano)
- Country music

Submissions may lead to publishing deals, non-exclusive licensing.

As a producer/mixer I have worked with highly rated Canadian artists such as Mitsou, Tanya Tagaq, Lynda Lemay or, more recently, new country artist Hera Menard. I have signed artists to majors (Warner for Lynda Lemay) or national record labels (Passeport for Hera Menard).

- Serge Lacasse - President - Musica Ficta Productions

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Chuck Allen Floyd Songwriter Search
submission price: $300.00

Chuck Allen Floyd Songwriter Search

Looking for songwriters with catalog suitable to pitch to publishing clients.

$300 pays for:
a) listening to and evaluating 3 songs,
and b) one 30 minute phone call to discuss.

If your songs are selected, I will listen to your additional songwriting catalog and pitch to publishers free of charge. You only incur additional legal fees if my pitch results in a publishing agreement you wish to consider.

- Chuck Allen Floyd - Attorney - Gordon Law Group