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Singles Wanted for Digital Distribution via Moozikoo Music
submission price: $15.00

Singles Wanted for Digital Distribution via Moozikoo Music

STOP! If your song is not mastered, don't submit. Don't waste our time or your money. This is NOT the place to send demos. Also, if your song is already available for download or streaming, don't submit. Finally, we are not a good match for Rap or Hip-Hop and find those genres to be snoozers. Do NOT submit Rap or Hip-Hop simply because there are other opportunities where your money would be better spent.

We are now accepting submissions for Moozikoo. If selected, you will be offered a Digital Distribution Agreement that authorizes Moozikoo to digitally distribute your song (or instrumental piece) throughout the world for digital download and streaming purposes. Our payment schedule is outlined in that agreement.

- Moozikoo

Deal Type: Digitial Distribution
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: Compensation based on digital downloads and streaming
Song Quality: Fully mastered