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K-Pop and J-Pop Music Needed ASAP
submission price: $20.00

K-Pop and J-Pop Music Needed ASAP

Just signed on with a huge publisher in Japan and they need songs for their acts for the new year. I've placed a couple. I am putting this on the critique section as to open up a dialogue for tracks that really really fit. Please don't send me songs if they don't fit J-Pop or K-Pop. (please listen to current charts and see if your songs fit). I will not try to fit a square peg into round hole (i.e. getting a track with instructions on how I should stretch the song to make it fit. That would be a waste of your time.)

Now the good news: this could lead to some pretty big cuts with multi-national artists as long as you give me your best and catchiest songs. Looking for upbeat, and K-pop-ish. (once again please listen to K-Pop charts on youtube to get an idea) Don't give me Caribbean-jazz! Ha! good luck

- Jay Dmuchowski / APEX Productions

Phonogenic Music Publishing (BMG) Seeking Writers
submission price: $30.00

Phonogenic Music Publishing (BMG) Seeking Writers

Phonogenic Music Publishing is a Joint Venture with BMG publishing. We are seeking exceptional writers to build our current roster.

Please only submit your very best work.

Phonogenic Records is a record label currently under the RCA Label Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

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New songs for possible publication needed!
submission price: $10.00

New songs for possible publication needed!

New songs are being written every day, and new songs are needed every day! We are always looking for well-crafted tunes to pitch to radio, musical directors for film, and artists needing album cuts. Please send us your best tunes for consideration. We may suggest changes to improve the song, in which case you have already impressed us enough that we want your song to be the best it can be. We may also tell you that your song is ready to go and offer you a publishing contract. You'll never know until you submit! We look forward to hearing your work.

We've produced, recorded and published dozens of indie artists over 35 years in addition to working on projects for major Christian and secular publishers. We're seeking new talent willing to work and not afraid of success.

- Warren Ells - Owner - The Note Factory Studio

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Chuck Allen Floyd Songwriter Search
submission price: $300.00

Chuck Allen Floyd Songwriter Search

Looking for songwriters with catalog suitable to pitch to publishing clients.

$300 pays for:
a) listening to and evaluating 3 songs,
and b) one 30 minute phone call to discuss.

If your songs are selected, I will listen to your additional songwriting catalog and pitch to publishers free of charge. You only incur additional legal fees if my pitch results in a publishing agreement you wish to consider.

- Chuck Allen Floyd - Attorney - Gordon Law Group

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Now Accepting Submissions for Distribution Deals and Publishing Deals
submission price: $15.00

Now Accepting Submissions for Distribution Deals and Publishing Deals

We are currently accepting artist to be considered for a distribution deals and publishing deals.

URS is an independent A&R and music consulting company with key relationships with top record company A&R and major industry insiders. We consult and teach you about the music biz through our services provided and guarantee artists, producers and songwriters to have their music heard by major record company A&R for deal consideration and live feedback on the spot.

No wait, no middleman or expensive travel!

A&R Veterans Know What Labels Want

Our A&R Services team has the seasoned “EARS” and they know instinctively what major record labels and independent record labels want. It’s their job to know what they want. The guidelines utilized in our consultations were structured and written by A&R representatives whose responsibility is to recommend and bring the top level record executives “THE HEAT” — new talent that is ripe for signing.

All of our A&R services will evaluate and critique the following:
Strength of Material
Songwriting Techniques
Production and Arrangement
Quality of Recording
Commercial Appeal
Image Strength
Stage Performance
Lyric Critique
Lead Vocal
Break-Through Potential
Label Readiness

- Shane Anderson / Unique Recording Studios

Acesnation back ground
Aces Nation looking for new songwriters and artists
submission price: $10.00

Aces Nation looking for new songwriters and artists
We are looking for Artists and Songwriters who are looking to get publish and/or showcase their talent. Aces Nation Publishing company is affiliated with ASCAP . We will go over the talent's work and provide concrete critique , and for those who we really like their music will have a chance to remain in contact with us and develop and will also have a chance to pick up a Publishing Deal or explore other endeavors for their music.

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Considering Songs & Artists for Music Publishing, Production, Management
submission price: $10.00

Considering Songs & Artists for Music Publishing, Production, Management

We are always considering new Publishing catalog for our Label, Film, and TV pitch opportunities. We would also like to give a helping hand to the people who are aspiring writers by giving detailed critiques and phone meetings to discuss their songs and other catalogs.

Additionally, we are considering artists for representation and Management for our Record Label.

Century Music Group is a boutique Nashville Entertainment Company providing Record Label, Music Publishing, and Artist Management services. CMG Record Label covers a full suite of record label related services for signed and unsigned artists. These services include, but are not limited to artist development, music and video production, distribution, promotion, publicity, and marketing.
CMG Music Publishing focuses on songwriters and music catalog for placement in major and independent label recordings, film and television and other music licensing opportunities.
CMG Artist Management handles career administration, development and representation to major record labels, publishing companies, booking agencies and other industry-related companies.

- Art Ward - President - Century Music Group