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new Send Me Your Track - I can help get it heard
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Send Me Your Track - I can help get it heard

Hi there
I spend all day listening to new artists recordings. Giving my over 50 years of experience working with some of the best artists in the world. I can make your recordings better and get them heard. So let me hear yours.

Da Undaground Direct
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Da Undaground Direct

Looking for Professional Feedback From Music Industry Professionals? We are a team of Affiliates designed for Artist Development, Artist Managements and Opportunities unlike any other! We are made up of Gold Recording Artist, Record Labels, Booking and Managements, Recording Studios Professionals, & Entertainment Show's and lastly SKII Production Motion Media Independent Movies. Experienced with working alongside many current Mainstream Music Artist. This team of Affiliates is the #1 Stop shop for all Undaground Music Artist Needs and Opportunities.

Directly associated with Universal Records we can give you the Feedback necessary to Progress to higher levels in the Music Industry!

- Lady M - Creator/Producer - Da Undaground Radio

Music Review at
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Music Review at

Submit a song for a detailed unbiased analysis from the team at

Founded in February 2011, aims at identifying new music artists and providing quality music news and album reviews. We provide a wide range of content ranging from music news, music album ratings, reviews for the albums in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Game OSTs, soundtracks, interviews, music accessories, and services.

We are currently one of the Top 100 music blogs in the World (as per Technorati).

We aspire to be different from the other music websites as we follow a “no compromise” policy as far as quality is concerned. Our reviews are detailed and an in-depth analysis of along with analysis and rating of every piece in that album is provided. Thus, we focus on providing our esteemed readers with a detailed insight into every album which we write. We also provide a summary of the album, in case the users do not want to read the entire article. At Musicperk, quality is a promise we assure to keep up.

- Sarang Ananda Rao - Executive Editor -

Stu use
Stu Epps Will Help Promote Your Song
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Stu Epps Will Help Promote Your Song

HI there ,
In this Terrible time in the world i want to help you with your home recordings .
Yes i charge for this but i will also help you promote your track on my Web site and to my thousands of Facebook friends , many of who are in the music biz .
So send me your tracks today and let me quote for making them into hits . keep safe and all the best. No hip-hop please.