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Critiques & Advices from Producer/Engineer/Manager Dick Hodgin
submission price: $20.00

Critiques & Advices from Producer/Engineer/Manager Dick Hodgin

Please submit your best for to Dick Hodgin AKA "The Dream Assassin" for sharp, honest feedback. Dick has a reputation for sharp, HONEST, no punches pulled advice and counsel which has earned him “Dream Assassin” nickname.

He has produced, engineered, and/or managed such artists as: The Accelerators Cravin' Melon Johnny Quest Lynyrd Skynyrd Big Daddy Kane Troop 41 J. Cole Jason Michael Carroll Erykah Badu Hootie and The Blowfish Flat Duo Jets Bad Checks Corrosion Of Conformity Far Too Jones Faith Collapsing Confessor Clay Aiken The Ultraviolets and many, many more

- Dick Hodgin / Osceola Studios

Professional Song Critique from Keith Olsen
submission price: $10.00

Professional Song Critique from Keith Olsen
A song critique will provide you with career-building feedback and professional evaluation of your work, including input on songwriting, performance, production, and commercial viability. Producer/Engineer Keith Olsen of Pogolgo Productions Group has worked with Whitesnake, Joe Walsh, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benatar and many more (see bio for complete list). Keith's expert advice and insight will help you advance in your music career by highlighting your strengths and offering ideas for improvement of any weaknesses your music may have.
View Keith's credits:

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Singer/Rapper Want Exposure. Let Us Help!
submission price: $25.00

Artist Feeling Lost On What To Do Next. Let Us Help!

So you've found the beat and written the lyrics to it. Now, You're paying for studio time to have it professionally mixed and mastered.

Ok! Where do you go from here?

We can help you move your music forward and in the right direction to increase your fan-base and improve your overall music sales.

Let us know when you're ready to get serious about your music.

- Dwaine D. Downton - CEO/Co-Founder - FTP Music Group

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Get Discovered!!
submission price: $10.00

Get Discovered!!

Hi, I've worked professionally in the music business for over two decades. During my tenure, I have assisted in the success of many Grammy-winning artists, writers and producers. I’ve also garnered many important relationships and learned the creative techniques used by the majors. I'm truly excited to now share these techniques and facilitate opportunities to help you become successful at your craft. Great news! I do not name drop or self-promote on social media. I'm a behind-the- scenes strategist, doer and passionate surrogate for my clients.

Until now, my clientele has been referrals only. Why? This isn't about me; it’s about discovering and developing new talent. So, if you are serious about your career, looking for opportunities or simply trying to perfect your craft ... you've come to the right place. I will take the adequate time to listen, critique, develop, and shop your music to established artists. In closing, I look forward to working closely with you and on your behalf.

- Anthony Truss - Owner/A&R Director - Truss Consulting and Development

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Getting synch deals for your songs - detailed song critique
submission price: $10.00

Getting synch deals for your songs - detailed song critique

If you are aiming to get your song signed for use in a television show, commercial, film or video game, we will listen to your song and provide you with a detailed analysis and critique. We will focus specifically on attributes and song qualities that are sought after for synchronization. We will give you an honest industry opinion whether your song has got what it takes for both the big and the small screens, and can give you valuable advice on what you might still have to work on to get there.

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Song Critique by Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter John Capek
submission price: $35.00

Song Critique by Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter John Capek

Everybody’s a critic. Some have credibility, credits and qualifications. As a songwriter, producer, arranger and player I am on about 100 Million records.

As an educator, I have been a resident lecturer at Berklee; established and founded the Songwriting Department at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto Canada; served on the Board of Directors of the Songwriters Association of Canada and chaired the Education Committee; Lectured at UCLA; conducted seminars for the Australian Performing Rights Society APRA; NSIA in Nashville; The Guild of Songwriters in Denmark and conducted seminars and workshops in every major city in Canada.

Quote from Ralph Murphy, VP ASCAP Nashville:
"A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to be paired with a wonderful melody man who was also a great teacher, John Capek. The Songwriters Association of Canada sent us out on a multicity teaching trip. In watching his approach to craft, I got a sense of how to verbalize what a composer expects from a lyricist..."

Quote from Bonnie Raitt:
I've been a fan of John's music for many years. He's one of the deepest, most talented and soulful writers I know and I find myself listening to his albums for inspiration and pleasure all the time." - Bonnie Raitt

When I critique your song, it is an in-depth educated analysis based on real world concepts. The real world might even be described by the fact that even though I might “really really really” like your song, if you don’t have Tom Hanks lip-syncing it in a video, you might be out of luck.

Beyond that, production values matter. With today’s technology, we don’t just write the song, we write the record.

My objective is to help you create a timeless, iconic accessible anthemic hit song that will be relevant one, two or more generations from now. I want songs to matter.

I believe that great songwriting is the only thing that can save our music culture and our industry. Anthemic songs mark our life journey.

I will help you move forward in your musical journey.

- John Capek

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Songsalive! Song Critique
submission price: $20.00

Hear what Record Executives won't tell you! Submit anything from a lyric to a finished master, and find out:

* if the song works lyrically, musically, structurally * how it should be demo-ed. (Some production pointers) * if already on tape/cd (demo-ed), feedback if it's working, and how to make improvements. * the best markets for your song * Who to pitch to - artists, publishers, record companies, radio formats Songsalive! Song Critique helps from the ideas stage - working out the songs and the demo - right through to finished "radio-friendly" master - who to send to and how. We help with lyrics, rhyming schemes, song structure, melody, production, and where to pitch, promote and release your song! We accept songs of ALL GENRES, plus instrumentals, plus lyrics only submissions.

Songsalive!® is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing, supporting, educating and promoting songwriters and composers worldwide.Founded in 1997 by Gilli Moon and Roxanne Kiely, in Sydney Australia, Songsalive! is run by songwriters for songwriters. Established with now over 20 chapters around the world, and over 35 chapter coordinators, Songsalive! is run by volunteer songwriters for songwriters. Through our grassroots international efforts, we’ve put a stamp on what “global community” truly is and it’s the type of community that is definitely needed in this ever changing music business where songwriting can be a very isolating experience and career.

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Mixing HELP!!!
submission price: $10.00

Mixing HELP!!!

Writing great songs but not getting them heard?

Your band has great potential but not happy with the sound.

Send the songs and we'll see what we can do...

I am a Producer and mix engineer who has spent the last 7 years as Chief Engineer for Metropolis Studios as well as setting up my own studio and production company REK7.

I have spent a lot of time in the studio with amazing artists through the writing and production process as well as recording and mixing. I have a unique perspective on how great records are made, the tricks that can give a track the edge and important things to consider.

- Sam Wheat / Producer and Mix Engineer - Metropolis Studios / REK7

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Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation
submission price: $0.00

Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation

Through this opportunity on Music Xray, you can submit two of your songs to me for a written evaluation AND a 15 minute phone consultation. Believe me, I can pack a great deal of valuable advice into 15 minutes. For an additional fee, the phone consultation can be extended to 30 or 60 minutes if you so choose.

This is an opportunity for you to get helpful feedback on your songs AND speak with an experienced, caring, licensed music industry professional. My advice and career guidance will point you in the right direction. I’m the person who literally wrote the book about Artist Development and now you can speak with me directly. Please visit my Web site for a full Bio, Client Testimonials and links to TV Talk Show interviews that are filled with free advice & insight.

Topics for Phone Consultations Include: Building a Team, Song Selection, Song Arranging, Intellectual Property, Artist Development, Press Kits, Photography, Image, Management, Booking Agents, TV/Film Placement, Marketing, Radio Promotion, Publicity, Advertising, Touring, Record Companies, Music Publishing, Videos, Merchandise, Distribution, Along with answering your questions

The genres I would be interested in receiving are:
Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Jazz, World, Metal, Children's Music

Are you ready to be signed?
submission price: $20.00

Are you ready to be signed?
After years of working with various labels all around the world, We know what labels are looking for ! Send us your best song, plus links to your Website, FB Pages etc and we'll tell you if you are ready to be put in front of labels AND how we can make that happen too !