Seeking Artists for Development

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Nick Hollis
Director/Producer/Sound engineer/ publisher - LMC RECORDS LTD

We are a up and coming record label offering artist production deals to get their foot on the ladder with single releases and video and management,are full contracts offer the best deals for artists in terms of % of profits retained by the artist,we are w

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Seeking Artists for Development
LMC Records is seeking artists for our Development Roster. We are a new up and coming label and one of the fastest growing labels in the UK.

We give artists the chance to come and record singles in a professional environment using state of the art studios,we offer advise and help with social media and other areas of promotion,including photoshoots, our own Vevo channel, Muze Tv channel,also we provide access to internet radio networks which also offer some FM station coverage across the world including the USA,New Zealand,Spain,Australia,Greece,UK,Mexico, we are always looking at ways into how to expand our network with new artists.

Having a proven team of people who work with LMC with credits for artists around the globe such as Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Toploader, Lady Ga Ga, The Rolling Stones,Oasis,Lilly Allen,Dodgy to name a few.

All our engineers are highly trained from BA to Masters degree level, offering the best 360 contracts in the industry, with over 75% of all earnings being retained by the artist.

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