Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?

Jeff Bova Producer/Artist Coach/Consultant - Bovaland

Jeff (at www.bovaland.com) is a Grammy Award-winning producer with over a hundred platinum- and gold-selling albums to his name. He has contributed to recordings by mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross.

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Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?
Do you want your demo to sound like a master? The music and entertainment industries require broadcast-quality recordings for placement, licensing, and roster consideration. Unprofessional-sounding tracks do not get the attention they may deserve. Let industry pro and Grammy-winner Jeff Bova evaluate how to improve your song, arrangement, and mix to achieve professional broadcast standards. If Jeff feels he can help you with further production or mixing, he will present you with a proposal, offering reasonable rates for him to produce or mix your song. In this case, you would be able to use Jeff’s name to help give your project more credibility. Your submission fee will be applied toward any production or mixing fees should Jeff and you decide to work together.
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