Pop songs needed for two Boy Bands


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Pop songs needed for two Boy Bands
I have two groups now looking for songs. One group has been together for a year now and has signed a huge deal with a label. This includes major distribution, a global tour and worldwide radio play.

The second group is being put together right now and will incorporate some amazing vocals ala The Beach Boys. There are already major labels looking at the new group and it's not even completed yet!

Lucente Entertainment is seeking pop songs for a boy band. We are looking for Pop, Pop/Rock, Pop/R&B in the style of One Republic for a newly formed and fully supported boy band project. The producers on this project have sold over 100 Million records.

We are completely open to guitar vocal or piano vocal demos for all tempos.

We are looking for great songs, production is not a concern at this time. All you writers out there with simple demos that want a shot a HUGE project please feel free to submit every thing you have!

Chosen writers/producers may be given the opportunity to participate by writing with the producer and group! This is a real chance to get on the inside an enormous project!

- Lucente Entertainment
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