A massive $50,000 for an audio sound logo.

Stuart Cheese Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand

I am the new Vice President of UK A&R for fast expanding UK label One Night Stand Music and also the CEO of How-to-market-music dot com. I love helping artists move forward and getting them in front of real decision makers.

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A massive $50,000 for an audio sound logo.
An Asian phone network is launching a series of TV Advertisements in Q3 and Q4 of 2023 and throughout 2024, all of which are to be tied in with a 5 second audio sound logo which they hope will become synonymous with their brand.

The 5 seconds of audio needs to to be bright, original and most importantly catchy. Think (not in style but concept) of the McDonalds “duh duh duh duh duh…I’m loving it” – but in this case no vocals, just a super catchy 5 seconds of melody.

The payment is a massive $50,000 with a potential ongoing royalty too.

We can take up to 5 tracks / snippets (or full tracks) forward from any single artist / band or writer, so realistically you can submit a maximum of around 8 to 10 tracks. Please either submit 5 second snippets or existing full tracks noting where the 5 seconds, you want considered, starts and ends.

Broken record time – we listen to EVERY second of EVERY track as we know the work you put into your music. We have a 5 star rating as everyone knows how diligently we work with each and every artist.

Finally, we are taking NO COMMISSION for the FULL $50k will be yours! And the opp is non exclusive so you are not giving up any rights.

Successful artists / bands / artists / writers being notified on or by the 1st of June 2023 if they have been successful.

Thanks and good luck
- Stuart Cheese for One Night Stand Music and Media
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