Brand New Opp - $2500 per track for a movie with international distribution.

Stuart Cheese Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand

I am the new Vice President of UK A&R for fast expanding UK label One Night Stand Music and also the CEO of How-to-market-music dot com. I love helping artists move forward and getting them in front of real decision makers.

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Brand New Opp - $2500 per track for a movie with international distribution.
Firstly, Happy New Year to you all and most importantly, we at One Night Stand hope you all remain safe.

We have a very exciting, BRAND NEW movie opp for a big film, in the drama / thriller genres being shot this coming summer.

Tracks used in the movie will receive $2,500 per use, plus they will be included on the official soundtrack of the movie which will also be distributed internationally both digitally and physically.

Tracks will be set to a car chases, raids, romantic scenes, fight scenes, bar scenes, scenes in an elevator, a bank, a hotel, an office, a lab and more. Ultimately the “feel” of tracks need to include drama, romance, hope, anger, chase, intrigue, buoyancee, loss, tension etc i.e a large range of emotions / feels. A movie theme and end credits track are also required.

We are considering Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip Hop / Rap, Christian, Blues, Jazz, Easy listening, Romantic Ballads, Metal, New Age / World, R&B, Country, Industrial, EDM, Beats, Funk, Classical and Soundtrack. Covers are also acceptable as are partial, cues and instrumentals as well as full tracks with vocals of course!

What will land you this placement (and the $2.5K per track) overall is QUALITY! Your submissions need to be outstanding tracks that will make the Music Supervisor turn his head, no matter what the genre. Send him / us tracks we can’t say no to.

This is a 100% NON-exclusive deal, so you are not giving up any rights. The tracks will 100% remain yours and you can continue to submit your tracks to other opps too.

Last couple of notes….

- Multiple tracks from the same artist is 100% fine, and yes you can have multiple placements on this one and therefore multiple payments of $2.5k each.

- If you have a track already on hold with us or others, you can 100% submit it again, as again this is 100% non-exclusive.

Finally, a no on a previous track is a no on that opp ONLY – feel free to submit previous tracks as they will be listened to with totally fresh ears.

Last date for submissions is the 4th of February 2021.

Please stay safe!

- Stuart Cheese / One Night Stand
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