Rock Ridge Music Management Consideration

Cynthia Cochrane
Rock Ridge Music

Rock Ridge Music is striving to become the ultimate resource for established and developing artists. Rock Ridge Music is a music services company. 100% proceeds from submissions will go to Rock By The Sea!

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Rock Ridge Music Management Consideration
Rock Ridge Music is currently seeking musicians for management consideration. We takes a long-term approach to career management, and encourages artists to trust their instincts and to stay creative.

Our experienced team will oversee all aspects of your career including but not limited to merchandising, publishing, licensing, sponsorships, performances and touring, sound development / A&R, recorded music, branding and creative imaging.

*Please only ONE SUBMISSION per artist

100% of the submission fee is donated to charity

DO NOT contact the industry professional or anyone directly at the industry professional's company. Doing so will DISQUALIFY you from consideration.

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